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Much time is devoted to the newlyweds’ looks, preparing for a wedding celebration. However, the bride’s and groom’s moms should look no less solemn on such an important day. What kind of mother-of-the-bride dresses do you choose to make a mom feel modern and comfortable?

Wedding Dress Style for a Mom to Wear

The bride's mum's dress model, style, and tailoring must be chosen individually. But these three dress models are in favor:

  • Long evening dresses. Elegant floor-length models with or without sleeves will undoubtedly look their best. Wear them with heels or stilettos and perfectly-done hair.

  • An A-line dress is suitable for both plump and slender mothers. It favorably emphasizes the figure's advantages and hides imperfections. The length of the dress should be to the knees or the floor.

  • Empire-style dresses. These can be plain or floral dresses. Since the material is light, the dress will seem airy, delicate, and elegant.

Select Dress Colors

Sometimes, the wedding sets a specific dress code, significantly narrowing the choice.

Mom-of-the-groom dresses in pastel colors are ideal, except for white. It is believed that light shades are refreshing and make women visually younger. Delicate pastel colors, peach, sky blue, olive, and silver or golden outfits are most often preferred. In addition, dresses in solid, rich, and deep colors look great — coral, terracotta, purple, emerald green, and blue.

According to wedding etiquette, the mother's clothes should be different from the outfits of the bridesmaids and guests and be more restrained and formal.

Select Dress Fabrics

In the warm season, choose mother-of-the-bride gowns made of natural silk or chiffon. This flowing fabric allows the body to breathe, providing comfort and a great mood. In colder times, taffeta or brocade would be an excellent solution. A dress made of such fabric will look beautiful and festive. In addition, these fabrics do not wrinkle, which is essential.

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