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An Elegant Black Tie Dress Is An Essential Attribute Of A Women’s Wardrobe

A black-tie dress is a rare element of a woman’s wardrobe. Firstly, black-tie models are not suitable for every figure. Secondly, there is no occasion to wear a black-tie gown in everyday life. Once worn, it will lie in the wardrobe for several years without any chance to use it. In addition, a sophisticated and elegant dress is enormously expensive. Therefore many women prefer to invest in something more practical, such as a suit or a skirt.

However, in this post, we want to dispel your doubts about the rationality of buying lady black tie dresses. Whom do we recommend them, and who should stay away from them? What events require a black-tie dress code? Let’s talk.

Who Looks Good In A Black Tie Outfit?

The obvious model for maxi dresses is a tall, slim, self-confident woman. A typical “little gray mouse” with model proportions may not feel good in such an ostentatious dress. Everyone will see embarrassment and isolation.

Black tie attire requires a skillful approach. An elongated figure, a bold look, a confident walk - this is what the ideal candidate looks like.

Are you brave but short and tiny? Be sure to wear high heels and beige colors. If you have excess weight, a long evening dress with a high waist in the Empire style will suit you. Pay attention to Peony Elegant and Empire Sparkling gown models from our Milla brand. Avoid voluminous dresses with heavily flared hems and stiff fabrics. Choose flowing fabrics and chiffon, do not be afraid of cuts and deep necklines.

Black Tie Event Dresses - When To Wear?

Maxi dresses are exquisite and suitable for balls and formal celebrations. It goes well with elegant high-heeled shoes, clutches, and fine jewelry. Wear it for:

  1. New Year's Eve – black-tie attire for women is a good option for New Year’s Eve. Puffy models are comfortable and look lovely when dancing. A maxi dress with a slit looks stylish and emphasizes slender legs, unlike models without slits. For New Year's celebration, you can choose maxi made of glowing material or decorated with sequins or lace. This dress will make you look very elegant.
  2. Carnival ball – follow the same rules as New Year’s Eve, especially if you are going to a formal party. However, you should be careful with glowing materials - if they are ok on New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to overdo them during a carnival party. A red or black maxi dress will look perfect. If you prefer more understated creations, opt for pastel colors.
  3. Wedding – black tie dresses for women are an excellent choice for the wedding. A maxi summer dress is perfect if the party is planned as a small family celebration. For formal occasions, choose a maxi evening dress.

A long airy Apple Blossom Tender or Misty Rose Tie will look stylish. Remember that the white dress is the bride’s prerogative on this day. A red dress is the best choice if you want to look sensual.

  1. Prom night is usually the first and most crucial ball in a girl’s life, so she needs an elegant dress. Black tie formal dresses are the best option, especially if you want to look dazzling this evening.


Indeed, you are convinced that black tie optional dresses are a trendy outfit suitable for many occasions. But it is recommended to choose the best options to feel comfortable and unique. Fortunately, in our Milla catalog, you will find something worthy of your attention.

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