Mermaid Silhouette Dresses

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Mermaid Prom Dresses: Who It Fits And Where To Wear

If your goal is to catch the eyes of all the guests at the party but at the same time feel comfortable and relaxed, then you should consider mermaid dresses. This model has been relevant for tens, maybe even hundreds of years. It is incredibly feminine, and with the right style choice, it looks great on women of any height and body type.

Mermaid Style Dress: Featuresmermaid prom dresses

  • Mermaid tail dress consists of a tight-fitting corset and a skirt that expands around the hips, forming a flared bottom (often lengthened with a train). It expands below the widest point of the hips (about 10-15 cm), resembling a mermaid tail. It is essential to keep the proportions. Otherwise, you’ll be hard to move.
  • The top of the dress is usually a strapless corset. But in many collections, it is enriched with sleeves or lace fabric. Today, off-shoulder sleeve models are at the peak of popularity, demonstrating a beautiful back and neck.
  • Mermaid dresses can be one-piece or consist of two parts.
  • This is a cut for curvy women that can perfectly complement the dress. It will be difficult for tall and slim ladies to choose a suitable style.
  • Pay attention to a well-fitting corset that will emphasize the waist, forming the hourglass figure.
  • The most extensive decoration of a mermaid gown is usually a flared skirt, which often defines the character of the whole image. It also affects the figure.
  • Short women would prefer a plain well-fitted mermaid-style wedding dress, where the hem will not shorten the figure and make it heavier. On the other hand, the dress can optically lengthen the silhouette.

When choosing a mermaid evening gown, pay attention to the fabric it is made from. Lace and embroidered models look festive. Smooth, satin textile or tulle will create a more delicate look.

You can often find models with lace trim, a decorative belt that emphasizes the waist, and dozens of buttons or sexy cutouts on the back. As usually happens with festive costumes, you need to balance how the style and each decorative element complement each other.

Where To Wear A Mermaid Gown Dress?

This style is relatively flexible. Choosing the right color, sleeve length, and accessories is essential. Several styling options:

  • a red, black, or sequined mermaid dress is perfect for a New Year’s party;
  • pastel colors are perfect for the graduation party;
  • choose a nude, pink, or purple (not white) dress for a summer wedding party.

Create Stylish Looks With Milla

A mermaid dress for women is a model that combines elegant style and luxury. Of course, the type of dress depends on the fabric, decorations, and accessories. In the catalog of the Milla brand, you’ll find dresses made of high-class materials and trendy styles. Each dress is a masterpiece. Choose and order. We offer to buy a mermaid dress with worldwide delivery, incl. across the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).

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