Duties and Taxes upon receipt

When placing an order on our website, the cost of customs duties and taxes for your country of receipt will be automatically calculated on the checkout page. We offer two options based on the country of receipt:

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid):

Customs duties and taxes are already included in the total cost of your order and are displayed as a separate field at checkout. After your payment on the website, we take responsibility for paying all customs duties in the country of receipt. You will not need to pay additional taxes when the shipment reaches customs.

DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid):

If customs duties and taxes are not included in the total cost and are not displayed as a separate field at checkout, we do not take responsibility for paying duties in the destination country. Please note that taxes and customs duties may be charged to you upon receipt of the goods.

Important Information:

  • Costs associated with shipping, customs duties, and taxes are non-refundable if paid.
  • By sending an order, we declare the cost of the dress only.
  • Orders to the USA are shipped on DDP terms without payment of customs duties and taxes on our service.
  • For consultations regarding possible tax charges related to customs duties, you can contact our customer support at customercare@itsmilla.com or delivery@itsmilla.com.
  • For Spain, please provide your DNI.
  • For Chile, Saudi Arabia and Peru, please provide your TAX ID.