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Cocktail Dress as an Indispensable Element of Women's Wardrobe

Cocktail dresses are designed for semi-formal meetings and celebrations. The length of the cocktail dress reaches the knee. But in fashion catalogs, you can find longer ones, up to the ankles. A short dress is more suitable for less formal meetings. However, the determining factor in the style of cocktail & party dresses is not only the length but also its splendor. An airy, not too strict dance dress, perfect for an early evening… It's all about cocktail dresses.

Where did Cocktail Dresses Come from?

cocktail dressesOfficially, the date of creation and name of the cocktail dress goes back to 1948, when Christian Dior prepared a collection of dresses with a neckline, straps or without them, with bare shoulders, and ending at the middle of the calves. Dresses emphasized beautiful feminine forms and were ideal for day and evening wear. They were elegant but at the same time comfortable and colorful. 

And since women wore them in the afternoon when they drank cocktails, the name "cocktail dress" began to be used. They were also worn for coffee, tea, and dance club meetings. When going to the theater, extra-long gloves were put on for such dresses. Today, the role of cocktail dresses is similar and, especially in summer, women of all ages are willingly choosing this type of clothing.

Features of a Cocktail Dress

What Does a Cocktail Dress Look Like?

  1. Women’s cocktail dresses cannot expose too much of the body. A cocktail dress is not provocative, made of opaque fabrics. It should not be shorter than the knee. If you prefer to buy a long cocktail dress, the fabric should preferably be simple and modest. Because a cocktail dress is worn for less formal gatherings or celebrations, it may have a plunging neckline.
  2. Good quality fabrics are used for tailoring: satin, chiffon, jacquard, and organza. In turn, short and sexy cocktail dresses can reach the knee and be slightly flared down.
  3. If you want to wear a dress to a wedding or a carnival ball, you should choose a cocktail gown with embellishments or shiny fabric. Moderation is important so that the image is interesting, but not overly pretentious.
  4. If you are going to dance, it is better to buy a trendy cocktail dress that allows movement freedom. Too tight will not look good, and you will feel uncomfortable in it.

For What Occasions Can You Wear a Cocktail Dress

Since women's cocktail & party dresses are sufficient but not overly elegant it is worth having in your wardrobe and wearing on various occasions. What options? From all kinds of parties to wedding celebrations. They are best suited for going to the theater, restaurant, banquet, or date. Often women prefer elegant cocktail dresses for formal family celebrations and corporate events. Depending on the style and length, there are options for evening and daytime events. Some models can even be used for going to brunch.

Rules for Creating an Image

Women's attire includes an elegant but not too frilly dress. However, it makes no sense to choose universal black every time because you can afford designer cocktail dresses in bright or pastel colors. Equally important are accessories that match in color. What accessories to choose for unique cocktail dresses? This can be a handbag, small jewelry, and relatively natural makeup. It is important to observe the principle of modesty and not an exaggeration.

Cocktail Dresses in Milla Brand Catalog

Elegant cocktail dresses should be in the wardrobe of every woman. And it is better to choose several different lengths and colors. Fortunately, you can find exquisite options in our cocktail dress shop on Tailoring a dress under the features of a figure is possible. Worldwide shipping: USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia) and other countries.

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