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How To Choose Plus Size Dresses?

A friend's wedding, a corporate ball or banquet, New Year's Eve, or a celebratory event - there are many holidays where women want to present themselves with brilliance, regardless of the size of their clothes. Stationary boutiques are bursting with number of evening dresses for slender women. Unfortunately, ladies with curvy forms do not have such a choice. Most outfits intended for them have an unfashionable cut or a boring design. Where can I find a plus size dress? What images are suitable for large-size ladies? You can find the answers in our article. Check outfit options in the Milla brand catalog.

Plus Size Dresses For Women: What To Consider When Buying An Evening Dress?

The choice of plus size formal dresses depends on several factors:

  1. Look at the nature of the holiday. You should buy one evening dress for a ball or a celebration, but quite another for a corporate party or wedding. In the first case, you can afford a deeper neckline or bare shoulders; in the second case, it is better to emphasize professionalism and elegance.
  2. Plus size gowns should also correspond to the type of figure. It is worth looking for models that hide the figure's flaws and emphasize its advantages.
  3. Do not forget about your comfort. The evening image should not restrict movement and cause skin irritation. Therefore, women with curvy forms should pay special attention to the dress's material. Natural fabrics are very comfortable because the skin breathes. But remember that a silk dress must also have a silk lining. Such a creation is expensive, and the silk is picky about care. If it gets dirty, even water or sweat, unfortunately, will leave unsightly stains that are sometimes impossible to remove. The best solution is elegant plus size evening dresses made of synthetic fabrics of the highest quality. They sit perfectly, fit the figure well, and many of them show no traces of sweat.

What Models And Styles Should Curvy Women Beware Of?

Plus-size ladies should pay attention to the dress color. The color should correspond not only to the skin shade but also to the style of the dress and figure. Pastel tones in tight-fitting models can excessively emphasize extra pounds, and dark ones, on the contrary, will help hide flaws. Bright colors can optically thicken the silhouette. Evening dresses with enormous patterns and horizontal stripes should also be avoided.

So, which models of plus size outfits do we recommend:

  • models with modeling corsets;
  • plus size dresses with long sleeves made of chiffon or organza;
  • flared A-silhouette dresses;
  • midi-length dresses with a smell;
  • asymmetric dresses;
  • long dresses.

It is worth spending money on modeling underwear to make the evening outfit look even better. A fitted bra will perfectly support the chest, and high-waisted panties will help to hide curvy forms.

Where To Buy Dresses For Curvy Ladies?

You will find chic models of evening dresses in the Milla catalog. We create models for the specifics of each figure. Dresses are developed and sewn according to the latest trends. Free shipping is available worldwide, including in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).

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