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Bridesmaid Dress: Interesting Ideas and Trends 2023

Witnesses, right after the bride and groom, are among the most important persons in the wedding ceremony. This honorary role is associated not only with formal duties towards the newlyweds but also with an impeccable appearance. A bridesmaid's dress is expected to be elegant and subdued so as not to overshadow the bride's attire, while at the same time matching the style of the wedding and the main color of the ceremony. You will find a suitable option in the Milla online store catalog.

Which Bridesmaid Dress to Choose

Bridesmaid DressIf you will be playing this special role, be sure to read our guidelines. We'll show you which bridesmaid outfit would be the best idea and what mistakes you shouldn't make to look amazing on your special day.

What Do the Dress Code Rules Say?

  1. The most suitable attire for a bridesmaid would be the so-called formal day attire, that is, an elegant suit or light-colored dress.
  2. There is an unspoken rule that the bridesmaid should not wear an outfit in the color of the bride's wedding dress. It is better to change white or ecru to aqua, blue, powdery pink, or nude. This is a beautiful gesture towards the main character of this event.
  3. A black bridesmaid dress is considered a faux pas due to its clear association with a funeral. Also, try to avoid navy blue outfits (for the same reason) and bright neon colors like rich lime green, hot pink, or deep red.
  4. Since bridesmaid dresses are mostly worn all day long, this should be a model that is appropriate for both a wedding ceremony in a church and a wedding party in a restaurant. The most suitable length would be midi. This solution is very comfortable, fashionable, and suits many figures. The midi dress for the bridesmaid can be combined with both high-heeled shoes and elegant ballet flats that can be worn at the end of the wedding.
  5. It is worth remembering that an elegant bridesmaid dress is an expression of respect for the bride and guests. At the same time, however, being too pretentious, the outfit will overshadow the main character of the celebration, and this is considered a moral faux pas. For the same reason, if you're going to be a bridesmaid at a wedding, don't wear a dress that exposes your body too much. Ultra-mini length, plunging neckline, cut-out at the waist is a bad idea for a ceremony like a wedding, especially if you perform such important functions.

6 Fashion Styles

Knowing the basic rules of the dress code when choosing a bridesmaid dress, you can quickly choose the latest trends in 2023. The most fashionable styles this season:

  • A boho bridesmaid dress. You will recognize them primarily by the layered flounces that can appear both at the bottom of the dress and on the neckline or sleeves. Models are full of romantic charm but they also have a practical function, masking any imperfections in the figure.
  • Dresses in the style of baby dolls. Their characteristic feature is a cutout at chest level and a cut reminiscent of doll clothes. This is a great choice for both ladies with an apple shape and women with a filigree silhouette.
  • Cape bridesmaid dresses. It’s a trend straight out of the Oscar-winning gala, where celebrities like to present themselves in long dresses paired with a cape that covers bare shoulders.
  • Dresses in antique style. Recently, outfits that make a woman look like a Greek goddess have become extremely fashionable. It is a dress on one shoulder, draped or with an empire cut under the bust.
  • The puff sleeve bridesmaid outfit. It’s no secret that puff sleeves reign supreme in 2023. Spectacular puffs will also become an important trend in the context of wedding fashion. Such styles should suit women with massive hips and narrow shoulders who want to even out the proportions of their figure.

Bridesmaid dresses in a minimalist style. The principle of "less is more" remains invariably relevant, including in wedding dresses. If you love the classics, be sure to choose small elegant dresses. Of course, in a more cheerful and optimistic color. Complete the look with beautiful shoes and jewelry.

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