Long Sleeved Dresses

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Evening Dress with Long Sleeves is Immodest Feminine Charm

Evening dresses are often associated with off-the-shoulder or spaghetti straps. However, such outfits are not always the right choice and it depends not only on the occasion and individual preferences. Ladies who prefer a long-sleeved evening dress can find a large choice of dresses in the Milla brand catalog. Each model is like a work of art. In our dresses, every girl can feel like a princess and a woman like a queen.

Features of Long Sleeve Dressesevening gowns with sleeves

Evening dresses do not have to be something special to emphasize femininity and even sex appeal. Elegant Milla dresses with long sleeves are a good proof of this. Long sleeves go hand in hand with very feminine cuts, as well as elements that allow you to expose the female body in an exceptionally tasteful way. This is not only a neckline but also sleeves or whole tops made of transparent material such as lace, or cutouts on the shoulders, which have been very fashionable for several seasons. The very feminine character of these outfits can also be emphasized by frills that add lightness to the dresses, which perfectly balance the tight top, ties, or other elements in the waist area that beautifully model it, or interestingly finished sleeves.

If you need to highlight the advantages of long sleeve dresses, then here we include the following:

  • Universality.
  • The ability to hide flaws or emphasize the strengths of the arms and refined shoulders.
  • Ideal for the cold season because then there is no need to pick up a jacket.

How to Choose and Buy a Dress with a Long Sleeve?

Each woman is familiar with the features of her figure. So it will be easy for every lady to choose the right option that will emphasize femininity and elegance.

Of course, the owners of the hourglass figure have the widest choice. They will suit both A-line models and tight-fitting midi dresses or elegant floor-length ones. You just need to take into account the format and location of the event.

Rectangle-shaped women can add feminine curves with drapes and pleats on the dress. Avoid oversized sleeves.

Girls with a “pear” figure can easily correct the disproportion with the help of flounces and frills in the shoulder and neckline. And dresses with long sleeves with the decor in the hip area should be avoided.

The apple body type is usually plump women with sloping shoulders. They should buy a long-sleeve dress in a semi-adjacent silhouette in a minimalist style.

Women of sporty type with broad shoulders are advised to wear A-line dresses and dresses with peplums and puffy skirts from the waist. They will add volume to the hips and visually make the shoulder line softer. The sleeves should be tight-fitting which will visually lengthen the arms.

If you want everyone to pay attention to your refined shoulders, then we advise you to buy asymmetrical dresses with long sleeves, where one shoulder or a full arm is open.

The Character of Evening Dresses with Long Sleeves

The evening dress with long sleeves leaves no doubt that it is intended for an evening or a special occasion. They are created in characteristic styles, high-quality materials are used, and the sleeves are not always made of dense fabric. More often it is organza, guipure, or silk.

You will find a suitable model in the catalog of the Milla brand. We have our production so each style is unique. It is possible to choose a dress according to your figure. We accept individual wishes. We can send purchased dresses to the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia) and worldwide for free.

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