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Choosing a Reception Dress for Women: Taking Color Type into Account

Your wedding reception is an incredible chance to celebrate your love with family and friends in style. While finding the perfect wedding dress may be at the top of your list, remember to choose a stunning reception dress for women that reflects your personal style and makes you feel fabulous all night long. In this article, Milla experts will guide you through selecting a reception dress based on your color type, ensuring that you look radiant and confident throughout the evening.

Determining Your Color Type

Before diving into specific colors, it's essential to determine which color palette complements your complexion best. There are generally four main categories: 

  • warm (peachy or golden undertones);
  • cool (rosy or bluish undertones);
  • neutral (a mix of both warm and cool tones); 
  • and deep (dark skin with rich undertones). 

Knowing which category resonates with you can help narrow down the most flattering hues for your reception dress for a bride.

White Wedding Reception Dresses 

White dresses symbolize purity and tradition but can also make a bold fashion statement at receptions today. If white suits well within your desired color type, opt for shades like ivory or champagne if pure white feels too stark against your skin tone.

Plus Size Options

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful! When shopping for plus-size reception dresses according to the color types mentioned above, consider darker hues such as navy blue, emerald green, or burgundy, as they tend to have slimming effects while still maintaining elegance.

Short Reception Dresses

Short cocktail-style reception dresses (as well as high-quality bridesmaid dresses) offer comfort without compromising on style during those lively dance-floor moments! For cooler-toned individuals, try pastels such as mint greens; warmer tones go perfectly with vibrant corals; neutrals complement blush pinks, whereas deep tones rock royal blues effortlessly.

Long Maxi-Style Night Out Gowns

If long gowns are more up your alley, opt for maxi-style reception dresses that exude elegance and glamour. Cool-toned ladies can embrace icy blues or lavender shades to create a captivating look. Warm tones enhance their natural radiance with rich jewel tones like ruby reds or deep emeralds.

Additional Considerations

When choosing your reception dress, keep in mind factors such as the venue's ambiance, the theme of the wedding, and personal preferences. Do you envision yourself wearing something cute and flirty? Or something elegant? Select what you like the most!

Purchasing Your Reception Dress Online 

To make shopping convenient while exploring various options at affordable prices, head online! Numerous reputable online stores offer an extensive range of stylish women's reception dresses suitable for every color type mentioned above. Look for websites providing reviews from previous customers to ensure high-quality products before making your purchase. Take a look at the Milla store: the selection is wide!

Delivery is available throughout the USA as well as abroad – bringing convenience right to your doorstep!

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