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Jardin de Fleurs Dress: Femininity and Romance in One Model

Few things in a woman's wardrobe have as many interpretations as a Jardin de Fleurs dress. It can be romantic, sophisticated, provocative, or noble-elegant. What determines a dress’ character? How to wear a floral print dress and with what accessories? We know that these questions bother you. So we have prepared a small guide about Jardin de Fleurs dress for women.

Dresses with Floral Print: Timeless Classic

jardin de fleurs dressThere is no fashion history without Jardin de Fleurs dresses. It has been worn by the most important style icons of all time, from Marie Antoinette to Brigitte Bardot and Alexa Chung. Every season they appear on the catwalks in a variety of forms. Designers offer a variation on sophisticated and romantic dresses with small lines or intriguing creations from fabrics with a pattern reminiscent of wallpapers from British salons of the 19th century. Although the flower dress has many names, it is always a very elegant base for women's looks. Image experts say that floral dresses are already a full-fledged image that does not require jewelry. Just add a purse and shoes to look amazing.

Long Dress with Flowers: the Most Fashionable Style Tips

A long dress with flowers has not disappeared from the charts for several seasons. Maxi dresses with flowers can easily play a major role in evening styling, as evidenced by the memorable outfits that Nicole Kidman, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift, among others, walked on the red carpet. If you want to look chic in a long floral dress, add glamorous accessories like metallic sandals and pretty dangle earrings.

Where Can I Wear a Jardin de Fleur Dress?

There are many options, but this is more of a model for spring-summer. Light dresses made of organza, chiffon, and silk will highlight your image among others. Depending on the style, we recommend buying a Jardin de Fleurs dress online for the following events:

  • Wedding. In a floral print dress, you will look great. For summer, it is better to choose models with bare shoulders and medium or floor length. The last model should be “light”, fluttering from one breath of wind. Such an image will reveal your femininity, add charm, perfectly emphasize the mood of this romantic event and make you the most photogenic guest. Choose gold high-heeled sandals and eye-catching jewelry, so everyone will remember your look.
  • Graduation party. The moment all the graduates opt for solid pastel or black dresses, you will stand out in a floral print dress. It looks great in photographs, goes well with men's suits, absolutely not vulgar and cute. Exactly what a graduate needs. Complete the look with sandals that fasten at the ankle and a small clutch.
  • Festive birthday party, christening. Buying a Jardin de Fleurs dress for women is worth it if the event is not scheduled for the evening but during the day when red or black dresses would be simply inappropriate. You should choose a simpler cut, with a minimum of jewelry. You can buy a chiffon dress with a floral print but it mustn’t be transparent.

A Big Assortment of Evening Dresses from the Milla Online Store

If you are looking for Jardin de Fleurs dresses of the highest quality, then the Milla catalog will meet all your requirements. We offer only actual styles and prints, elite fabrics, and the ability to customize the dress to fit your size. Each model has a detailed description. Thanks to the impeccable customer service, you will choose the right option. We offer free shipping worldwide, including to the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia).

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