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Evening gowns are a festive attire that we wear only on special occasions. Therefore, most women have a problem with choosing the right dress because it is difficult to distinguish a cocktail dress from an evening one. Here, details such as length and cut are of great importance. We will tell you about what evening dresses should be like and how to choose the appropriate option below.

The History of the Evening Dresses

Evening DressesBack in the Middle Ages, if a woman wanted to look more elegant, she added a train to her usual clothes. In the nineteenth century, the first models of evening dresses appeared. They reached the ankles and then the ground. 

At first, huge sleeves were in fashion. But over time, the shoulders were bare, and wide ruffles were added to the dresses. Later, even large cutouts and short sleeves appeared. By the end of the 19th century, evening dresses for women became tight and long, sleeveless but worn with gloves. 

Fashion changed almost every decade. The round neckline became more square. There were corsets or bows at the waist, or women wore skirts with long trains. During the interwar period, evening gowns for women were simple and modest, making them compatible with men's attire. 

In the mid-twentieth century, new styles such as the mermaid, pencil, and trumpet cut emerged. Later designer evening gowns started to be low-waisted and princess-style. Today, when choosing evening gowns for women, you can choose almost any cut for a specific figure and occasion. Evening dresses are worn at weddings, gala banquets, going to the opera, or fancy carnival parties.

Distinctive Features of Evening Dresses

In the beginning, you should note how an evening dress differs from a cocktail one. The difference is quite simple, as a ball gown always has a full and flared skirt and bare shoulders (strapless), while cocktail dresses are mostly calf-length and much lighter than evening dresses.

If we are talking about evening wear for women, then here are important:

  • Fabrics. The material from which the outfit is made. Designers offer to buy an evening dress made of luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk, chiffon, satin, or taffeta.
  • Length. We often see evening dresses that don't reach the ground at all. In such situations, we doubt whether this is an evening dress or not? As a rule, maxi evening dresses are considered to be an example of this type of outfit. But there are exceptions to this rule. In this case, you should pay attention to other features, such as the material, cut, and general character of the outfit. Sometimes beautiful evening dresses of medium length look much more relevant and sophisticated than floor-length models. It is also important to follow your sense of style and think about whether it will be comfortable or not in this dress at a celebration such as a wedding, dinner in an elegant restaurant, or prom.
  • Evening dress style. As we have already mentioned, an evening dress differs from a ball gown in its cut. In the case of the first one, we are not talking about one specific cut. The freedom of choice here is quite large, so we should focus primarily on the shape of our figure. An evening dress should make us beautiful, sensual, and unique, emphasize our dignity, and skillfully hide figure flaws. The most common styles are pencil, mermaid, trumpet, empire, and the A-models. If you need to buy an L-size evening dress, then it is better to pay attention to models in the A-style or empire.

How to Choose the Color of the Dress

Having decided on the length and cut, it is worth moving on to choosing a color. Evening gowns are usually associated with dark colors. Black, navy blue, or maroon dresses are very often chosen but they are not suitable for every occasion. 

For joyful celebrations such as weddings, blue, shades of pink, green or purple colors will be a good choice. 

The season is also important. For autumn-winter, exclusive evening dresses in deep shades of blue, green, and marsala are suitable. And for spring-summer, it is better to give preference to light powdery, peach, ivory shades.

Where to Buy an Evening Dress?

If you want to stand out and shine at parties, gala concerts, at the opera house, then evening dresses online from the Milla evening gowns shop should appear in your wardrobe. 

Our evening gowns shop offers exquisite fabrics, trendy styles, and a wide variety of models. Tailoring a dress under your requirements is possible. Shipping is free worldwide, including in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).

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