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White Tie Is A Dress That Every Woman Dreams Of 

Elegant dinners have their own rules and require a specific type of clothing. Mysterious phrases that appear on invitations can surprise us, especially if they are rarely met in life. It is essential to know what they mean. After all, this will solve our problem of "what to wear." Secondly, we will be sure that the clothes are suitable for the occasion. So, what is White Tie attire? What are its unique features? How does the White Tie dress code differ from Black Tie? Read below.

Features Of The White Tie Dress Cut 

This dress code celebrated its triumph in salons at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was the standard at numerous dinner parties. After the First World War, when less formal black tuxedos gained fame and recognition, the White Tie look took a back seat.

Women's White Tie outfit is an exquisite long evening dress to the ankle or the floor, often with a train. It can be with a deep neckline, open back, and shoulders. Or you can choose a puffy long-sleeve model. The dress is usually sewn from high-quality fabric, often shiny and airy, and decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, or pearls. Choose different dress colors except you are invited to the wedding party.

White Tie Attire For Ladies: How To Wear

A ball gown is the dream of every little girl. When, as adults, should we wear a ball gown?

  1. First of all, for your wedding. Women wearing white tie attire for a wedding ceremony is a classic of the bride's outfit. Modern trends show that the dress does not necessarily have to be white. It can be milky, pale pink, peach, and other nude shades.
  2. This is also the best option when you are invited to a party, and the invitation contains information about the White Tie dress code. The outfit for women requires especially careful selection. Depending on the celebration, it can be a Lady in red style or a black evening dress - classic of the genre.
  3. An exquisite white tie women's dress is an exciting option for a bridesmaid. It is essential to coordinate the image with the bride and groom to look harmonious at the party and in the photo.

What Is The Difference Between White And Black Ties?

What is the difference between a White Tie evening dress and a long Black Tie evening dress? It can be the same dress. A white tie attire for ladies usually has a flared bottom. It is perfect for dancing, but not required. Another question is about decorations. A white tie outfit is the most elegant outfit a woman can wear. Therefore, a ball gown can be very richly decorated, which would be an exaggeration in a black tie outfit.

It is also worth noting that the White Tie dress is usually worn on solemn occasions requiring more modesty. The dress looks dignified rather than sexy: the neckline is deep, but it cannot open the bust, and the legs are entirely covered. A black tie outfit can be more provocative, hence the slits that extend the legs, deeper necklines, and the cut of the dress that emphasizes the silhouette.

Refined Images From The Milla Brand

If you have an event to wear a White Tie evening dress, you will find a suitable model in the catalog of the Milla brand. Only high-class fabrics, current silhouettes, trendy styles - all this in one catalog. Chic and quality cannot be cheap. In our dress, you will win the hearts of all guests. Order with delivery in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia) and worldwide.

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