Top work dresses

​​We agree that going to the office wearing the same outfit as walking on the beach is not convenient. The world of work imposes a certain dress code, which you can obviously adapt and shape according to your tastes, your personality, and the type of company in which you work. Thus, choosing dresses for work becomes an important task. 

Not all jobs require wearing a strict outfit; professional dresses for women are also a good alternative to combine elegance and comfort. If you are looking for a dress to wear to work to stick to the dress code and feel comfortable, here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the ideal outfit.

short work dressChoose the best work dresses for a good impression

If, in your daily activities, you can assert your personality and stand out thanks to your outfits, the world of work does not allow all clothing follies. More than elsewhere, how you dress in the office can change your perception. Depending on your position, the dress constraint will not be the same. Activities in the field of graphic design, for example, allow more freedom than a traditional activity in law or finance.

But unlike men, often confined to the suit, ladies can swap the pants for a nice dress provided they choose it well. It's about choosing the right outfit to put your style at the service of your image and career. The golden rule is to avoid everything that is "too much": a dress that is too short, too tight, too sexy, or too showy. For example, we don't come to the office in a beach dress with Hawaiian flower patterns.

How to make the right choice?

The hardest thing when choosing a stylish modern dress for work is to reconcile the elegance of rigor, comfort, and a style that corresponds to your personality and your company's dress code.

  • On the material side, favor elegant, noble, and natural materials of beautiful petite work dresses: cotton and linen are your best allies. We, therefore, avoid models with transparency, too vaporous, or with lace that can give a holiday or evening spirit. 
  • Choose fairly fluid cuts, which thus guarantee comfort and freedom of movement and are more suitable for work than close-fitting models. A tip to adapt a basic dress to the world of work is to accessorize it: add an elegant blazer and pretty moccasins, and you will have a perfect working girl outfit.
  • Regarding the cut and style of cute work dresses adapted to the world of work, you should know that the most important thing is to choose a model that highlights your strengths and makes you feel comfortable and confident. We can advise you on wrap maxi dresses for work. Such formal work dresses offer fluidity and elegance thanks to the crossed effect at the waist and the ideal freedom of movement to feel comfortable.

Long or short dress: what can I wear to work?

To go to the office, the midi or maxi dress for office must be sober and elegant without doing too much. So we should forget the very short casual business dresses we keep for walks with friends or on the beach. Long business casual women's dresses with a bohemian spirit are also to be avoided. So, what length and style of dress to adopt at work when the sunny days come?


The ideal length that puts you away from any misstep is under the knee. The midi dress, for example, is your ideal ally to look good in the office. The long dress, which touches the top of the ankle, is also allowed, provided, of course, that the style is not too casual: we, therefore, avoid bohemian spirit flowers or holiday motifs. 

If you are looking for the winning print for your dress at work, bet on the gingham. Naturally a source of elegance and timeless pattern, the gingham is easy to wear and blends easily with a plain, sober, structured blazer.

The styles of work dresses for women to adopt are the midi dress, the fluid long dress, the shirt dress, and the wrap dress. 

You can also opt for a straight knee-length dress with a color block. A long or fluid midi dress can be embellished with small puffed sleeves and a square neckline. A long shirt dress with a belt is an excellent alternative to the too-straight, too-strict dress. Depending on your company's dress codes, you can wear it in a denim version with a black or white blazer for a chic touch.

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