What to Wear for a Gala: Some Cool Ideas for Implementation

With the help of clothing, we can express our attitude to the ceremony, the event’s importance, and the organizers themselves. Nowadays, it is increasingly possible to observe some relaxation of the rules regarding the choice of clothing, especially when visiting banquets, the opera, or fine restaurants. But still, the question of what to wear for a gala often arises. Especially if you don’t have your stylist, like celebrities, or you rarely attend such events.

Dress code for a gala

Galas and balls are solemn meetings with a high degree of official, which require a specific dress code from the guests. In such cases, information about the dress code is included in the invitation. And you can often meet such concepts as White tie and Black tie.

1.    White tie dress code for a gala

It is the most frequently used dress code for a gala. Such a solemn formal dress is one of the most elegant. It is required mainly during gala events such as a charity ball, a concert, an official premiere, a corporate gala concert, or an award ceremony.

Men must wear a tailcoat, a white waistcoat, and an elegant white bow tie. Attention! Don't button your tuxedo!

Ladies choose long evening gowns for a gala. Bare shoulders, elegant shoes, an evening bag in hand, and chic jewelry are allowed.

2.    Black tie dress code for a gala

It is a popular style, used mainly during the night gala concert.

Men must wear a tuxedo and a black bow tie. Remember that you cannot wear a tuxedo before 7 p.m. - a black tie is recommended only in the evening and at night.

Women most often choose long evenings or cocktail dresses for gala events. Ladies can afford both small and large jewelry.

3.    Gala outfit ideas for cocktail parties

A cocktail party is the third most popular form of gala event that requires a semi-official style. This applies to all meetings after lunch, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. So, if you know that you will come to the gala concert at this time, you can safely wear a gala cocktail dress.

Ladies can afford exclusively black and shiny material. The dress should have a cocktail character ending at the knees. Also, very often, choose a shawl that covers open shoulders. You can complement the image with sandals on bare feet or beautiful pumps (often even in non-standard colors). 

4.    Business style for a gala

The last, no less popular proposal is the so-called smart-casual or informal style. It is a combination of sporty chic and classic elegance. Women often choose a little business black dress, combining it with classic high-heeled shoes, small jewelry, and a handbag on a chain. 

What to wear to a gala event?

  1. Shiny sequins, appliques, embroidery, and lace in green and gold tones will make every woman phenomenal. Choose dresses with a small print or simple dresses of vibrant colors. Bottle-green is intense, strict, always looks noble, and among all the colors of nature, it is most associated with luxury. In the evening, it will work best in the company of garnet and fuchsia, for example, on shoes or a handbag.
  2. Do you want to shine? A gold dress gala model is certainly not modest, so the number of accessories should be limited. On the other hand, brocade and heavy fabrics are also welcome. To enhance the brilliant effect, choose the indispensable black in a duet with gold.
  3. Ruby, cinnabar, or coral are classics. Red is a color that dethrones the little black dress for evening outings. It is seductive, emphasizes sexiness, and attracts the attention of men and women. Therefore, choose red for special occasions only if you want to be noticed. Combine the red color on the dress with high-heeled shoes of a similar shade.
  4. Women’s long gala attire is a fashion classic. Decorative stones and crystals are sewn on the neckline, shoulders, or waist, making evening black not so standard. Today, women’s formal dresses with a deep slit on one leg are also in fashion.


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