What dresses must be included in a woman's wardrobe

Some dresses go perfectly with everything and look good no matter the occasion. Moreover, such dresses never get boring. People have loved and worn them for years, adapting to new trends only by changing accessories and shoes. Today we will tell you more about the essential dresses that must be in your wardrobe. The emphasis will be on evening wear, but with the right selection of accessories, you can create more casual looks or, for example, outfits for going on a date.

What basic dresses should be in the wardrobe?

Romantic and airy, tight and feminine, or boho-style models – every woman has a favorite dress model in which she feels like a real goddess. Specific styles and models go well with any body shape and are a godsend in many cases. Mostly, must-have dresses are chosen for their versatility, timelessness, and sophisticated style; many models can be worn regardless of the season and weather. We have collected timeless dresses of this type in our list. Such dresses are a source of inspiration for creating the perfect looks.

  1. Little black dress. Since the popularization of the Little Black Dress by Coco Chanel, black mini dresses have been and remain fashionable now. Every woman can find this model in her wardrobe – even if she hid it there for several years, mistakenly refusing the mini due to her age. A mini dress will immediately make you feel extremely feminine and sexy, and if you are worried about a cut that is too short, choose an oversized jacket for the look. The little black dress is a must-have dress that women always look good in. As the late Karl Lagerfeld said, "You can't look too modest or too elegant in a little black dress." And we fully agree with his opinion, because a black dress is suitable for almost any situation. It is also worth recalling that the so-called little black dress does not have to be small – mini. The main thing is to choose the perfect dress type for your body shape so that it hides flaws and emphasizes advantages.
  2. Long tulle cocktail dresses. They will look special at every celebration. The most popular dresses are made in muted colors. You will look special at every family celebration and any other occasion. Are you going to have dinner with your loved one? Make it shine and set it on fire with the help of delicately patterned tulle evening gowns. A sexy cut that opens your leg and graceful sleeves are the main features that distinguish elegant evening dresses from the Milla brand catalog.
  3. Classic, timeless dresses from the Black tie category. An elegant maxi dress that is appropriate at the carnival, New Year's Eve, and even at a wedding is another must-have in a woman's wardrobe. It is worth choosing a flared model in a universal color, for example, burgundy or navy blue. In this case, depending on the accessories, you can get a different effect.
  4. Black dresses of various styles. These are undoubtedly the main dresses that adorn women's wardrobes. The main advantage is versatility. A black dress is always a good choice. It would be inappropriate in several cases only: for the bride and bridesmaids. In any other case, black dresses are timeless dresses. There can even be several of them in the wardrobe: maxi and mini, with bare shoulders or straps, restrained and provocative. You can have different types of dresses for different occasions.
  5. White (nude) dress. In the last few years, dresses in nude shades have become popular. They don't have to be mini. It is the perfect alternative for summer get-togethers, both formal and informal. In recent years, boho clothes of different styles made from natural materials such as linen have come into fashion. However, in the offer of our catalog, you can find many different models so that every woman will choose the right one for herself.
  6. Slip dress. A silk or satin lingerie dress, in both midi and maxi versions, has been a fashion trend for several seasons. The peculiarity of the dress is its versatility. Choosing black pumps, stiletto sandals, and a clutch will bring a sophisticated evening look. And complementing the dress with a leather jacket and massive boots will create a stylish look for an evening walk with friends.

If you wonder: "How many dresses should I own?" there is no definite answer to it. It largely depends on the way of life, on how often you are invited to official events. But, in any case, essential dresses, such as a little black dress and one favorite cocktail dress, will often solve the problem of creating a stylish look for the upcoming event. Sometimes it is enough to change shoes or jewelry – and the new look is ready.