Weekend plans: fun ideas to diversify weekends

Weekends are meant to be fun and memorable to take a break from a busy week and fulfill with energy for the next one. We gathered a few weekend plans ideas to give you some inspo and save you from overthinking and over-planning.


If you or someone you know have a car – do yourself a favor and go on a road trip! Explore new towns, go see landmarks, and enjoy picture-perfect views. Just imagine what kind of photos you can take with the views along the way! And don’t forget that you rule and can stop near the beach, forest, endless field, or desert to get those perfect shots and experience.

Family gathering 

How long has it been since you’ve seen your nana/brother/mom? Pick a day and dedicate it to your family. Organize a picnic, a small trip to the village, or a classic shared meal at the restaurant. 

Date night

First or hundred – a date is a date. Invite your bae to the movie, bar crawl, long city walk, or prepare a romantic surprise and take them to the special place where you two met.

At-home party

Not in the mood to go out? Bring the party in! Throw a themed party with music, karaoke, movies, board games, or even video games. No one said you can’t look like a queen at home, right? That is your chance to wear the most inappropriate dress and even make a fashion show contest!

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