Wear it like celebrities

The red carpet – it is on it that the celebrities delight with spectacular, often very expensive styles. Various celebrity events also inspire trend fans. Fashion styles you noticed during ceremonies, gala concerts, etc., can be successfully used to create an outfit for a party or celebration in a restaurant. Celebrity dresses are, first of all, fashionable dresses – airy maxi with floral motifs, elegant shirt dresses, sexy mini dresses with cutouts, dresses with puffy sleeves, drapery, and flounces, and dresses in boho style. Today we will show you dress-like-a-celebrity ideas using outfits from our Milla brand catalog.

Celebrity outfits as the basis for creating style

The opportunities to show off in an elegant outfit are endless in the world of celebrities. Movie premieres, award ceremonies, and charity balls are the bread and butter of celebrities. Each party requires the preparation of a new evening dress that will show and emphasize the most slender parts of the body. Some celebrity outfits turn out to be complete failures, but there are some real gems too.

Famous designers, that are popular among celebrities

Who designs celebrity evening gowns? It turns out that the most famous designers are responsible for it. Some celebrities are honored to wear a masterpiece created by the duo Dolce & Gabbana or Karl Lagerfeld. Some designers are honored that the famous person wore their evening dress during the show, premiere, or awards ceremony.

No matter what, not a single star of show business can be denied. All celebrities always wear trendy evening dresses. Sometimes these are unique clothes that exist in one example only. It is pleasant to look at them, admire them, and be inspired. Often, similar outfits can be found on itsmilladress.com, and with the help of a few accessories, one can make them look like the most fashionable evening dress of a first-class celebrity.

How to dress like a celebrity?

To create looks like the ones we see on a red carpet, first of all, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • high quality of the outfit – designers never save on fabrics and accessories, choosing only the best of the best;
  • well-chosen accessories – iconic celebrity outfits often become noticeable thanks to jewelry: diamond necklaces, earrings from Cartier, or pumps from Jimmy Choo and Saint Laurent.

Celebrity outfits to recreate

Celebrities often surprise us with new ideas. Some of them are simply impossible to recreate because they are too extravagant, even for the craziest parties. But still, some details can be borrowed:

  1. Very often, the cult outfits of celebrities themselves are echoes of history. Here you can find images from the Golden Age of Hollywood. “The golden age of Hollywood inspired me," Meghan Thee Stallion said, wearing a Coach dress and a classic cold wave hairstyle for this historical period. The same hairstyle was chosen by many celebrities: Serena Williams, Kaia Gerber, Paloma Elsesser, Ariana DeBose, and more. There is only one conclusion: instead of the usual experiments, the girls took the elementary path and chose the most conventionally beautiful milestone in American history. To repeat the looks, choose floor-length dresses in black, red, or gold, lavishly embellished, sometimes with feathers or rhinestones. Look for suitable options in the Party Games category.
  2. A black dress is an eternal classic. If you want to dress like a celebrity, but at the same time, the dress must be relevant for many occasions, bet on the black dress. Kaia Gerber looked very elegant in an Oscar de la Renta dress at the Met Gala 2021 Costume Institute Ball.
  3. Floral celebrity dresses. Jennifer Lopez in Richard Quinn shone like a diamond in early 2020 at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala. You can recreate the style with dresses from Milla.
  4. Very often, celebrities choose discreet dresses so that their beauty, not the outfit, attracts attention. Speaking about the fabrics, precious satin, silk, and organza are found here. Long models, sometimes with bare shoulders or a deep cut on the leg, are met here.

Below we present some more ideas on how to replicate iconic celebrity outfits.

The right choice of accessories

Celeb clothes, including celebrity dresses selected for different occasions, look great not only with high-heeled evening shoes but also with stiletto sandals and sometimes white sneakers. The attention of the paparazzi is very often attracted by celebrities wearing branded sandals or sneakers in combination with a fashionable dress. Mini-dresses with sports shoes look especially stylish, emphasizing toned legs.

As for the handbag, it is often absent in the outfits of actresses, singers, and famous bloggers. It is either absent, or it is a very small elegant clutch that can only fit lipstick.