Special heels for your special moments

Shoes set the note of the overall appearance. So why don't you make it loud with a pair of splendid heels from the newly-released Milla Nova X Kachorovska collaboration?

This shoe collection is designed to emphasize your identity, to make every step you take more confident than the previous one. 

The collection includes pumps and sandals made of shoe satin in milk and beige shades decorated with thin strips of shining stones. All shoe components were designed in Italy in the past six months.

There are six models in two shades: milky and beige. Pumps and sandals with 7, 9, and 10 cm heels come in a variety of shapes and decorations. 

 No matter what special occasion you are up to – this collection offers different styles to get you covered.  

The campaign was shot in the Ukrainian Carpathians — a place of strength and picturesque nature associated with many legends. Local rivers, forests, and waterfalls became the perfect backdrop for the shoot, in which the models look like magical forest nymphs.


Choose your perfect pair. Create your own story ✨