So, you decided to have New Year party at home

There is always some amount of advance planning regarding new year celebrations which require you to make important arrangements very ahead. And after hitting two years' pause on joyful get-togethers or general cheerfulness, it is in our every right to make this new year our time to shine. Literally speaking, as everyone thinks about sparkles and glitters and shining for New Year night. So if you want not to rush with advance arrangements and promises, a stylish New Year at home is what can be your amazing option. 

Hosting a new year at home or just celebrating with family is so in trend this year. 

Whatever kind of party or gathering you want to have on New Year's eve there is some general advice for our Milla girls on how to make each new year at home stylish and cosy. 

Most likely it will be very dark when the festive dinner and all celebrations begin. To make your home nice and festive, prepare candles, dim lights and lightning for a festive atmosphere. Place them all over in the area of celebration. 

Also would be great to not clutter coats and boots in the festive space. If you are able, it is a good idea to create a separate space for everyone’s cloth to plan ahead where you can put it and with what nicely cover it. Because we don’t want your pictures in gorgeous Milla dresses to be ruined by a pile of coats in the background. 

If you have guests, it can be nice for the mood and photos to agree on a dress code with everyone. 

When having guests for your home New Year Party you should prepare lots of different activities for different people. Some of the stuff we would really like to participate in: board games, writing resolutions, sharing one best thing that happened with us the previous year, cocktail stations with make-your-own-drink guides.

Also, take everyone to the countdown before midnight. 

Think about one big fancy meal you will have on your table. Who said you can’t eat turkey twice? 

If it is only you, then you will enjoy eating leftovers and no cooking for a few days later :)

All details matter but your home makes you in charge of choosing how to actually prepare it. 

Because here’s what. Celebrating at home does not mean that you can’t dress fancy. To get a sparkly gorgeous evening dress for celebration is a great idea. And then posting those gorgeous pictures near the Christmas tree of the dress and having some commotion for it. Even if you plan on staying in for the night, wearing a chic New Year’s Eve dress lifts your spirits. And bonus: you start your new year on a stylish note.

Also no matter what your budget and plans are, sparkly wine, lights, Christmas tree and sparkly table plates will elevate your home and make a great atmosphere. 

This advice is handy for each of the New Year style plans: either you will host a big party, be with a family or just a small get together with a friend. 

Milla and Milla Nova team wishes you a happy home New Year and see you in 2022. We have lots of dresses for you <3