Sheer fashion: why we are obsessed with semi-transparent styles 

The concept of transparency in clothing gained prominence in the mid-20th century when designers started experimenting with sheer fabrics, revealing glimpses of skin beneath the layers.  

The transparent design gives an undeniable touch of sophistication and sensuality to any silhouette making it so much easier to make a statement.

When it first showed, we got to see semi-transparent styles only on heroin chic figures and as a bold extravaganze choice. Another backing of toxic standards existed back then. But now we see the tendency to wear it as a powerful statement of self-love and self-accepting. 

Fashion has always been a cultural reflection of a given era. Proportionally to our society, it evolves. When a certain generation starts a discussion – it usually reflects in their work. And sheer fashion is no exception. 

Now this trend has a strong character: love and express yourself vibe, don’t mind what others have to say about you mood, and simply feelin’ yourself attitude. We get to see different people living their life, enjoying being who they are, and freely expressing it through the naked dress trend. And we are so obsessed! 

As you might know, semi-transparent styles have been the choices of stars since the very beginning and till now. Just from looking at the photos of the stars then and now, you can trace changes: Rihanna wears a semi-sheer dress while pregnant, Lizzo shows off her curves at the b-day party, Jonathan Van Ness rocks the red carpet in a semi-sheer dress, and Hunter Schafer is walking the Mugler catwalk in a naked dress.