Ready-steady for the Black Friday

The biggest shopping event of the year is right around the corner. And while you wait for the day X with bated breath, sales have already started to kick off! We've collected a few tips to follow to help you get the best Black Friday deals. 

Know what you need. Know what you are looking

Black Friday is a hotbed of impulse purchases. To avoid unnecessary purchases, try to plan what you actually need to buy instead of what you are offered for a good price. Create a wish list and make priorities. Avoid any deals when the price is low but the item is something that you don't need. The more you spend impulsively on something useless, your budget will suffer.

Set a budget. Stick to it

Speaking of budget, try setting some boundaries. The variety of offers, products, discounts, and opportunities can be dizzying and throw you off balance. Find your limit and try sticking to it no matter what. 

Check out the before-sale prices 

Black Friday is not a one-day-only sale. It starts long before with special pre-sales, sneak peeks, and long-awaited announcements. Follow the fuss and check prices ahead. It will allow you to recognize the fake scam-y deals and save extra money.

Know your size

On Black Friday items sell faster than ever. So if you really want something already popular and you know will be out of stock in seconds, do your measurements before.

Read carefully 

Be aware of the brand's policy on refunds, returns, and delivery. 

Mind shipping delays

When ordering online, shipping delays are almost inevitable. So if you shop for holidays or upcoming occasions — you might want to find order something additional to insure it comes in time. 

 Now you know how to slay the Black Friday sale. Good luck with your shopping! 💔