Prom season 2023: fashion trends for the prom dresses

Fashion is always ahead, forming trends we are about to see everywhere six months later. We’ve seen all the needed runways to find out spring/summer 2023 trends and we are about to share those with you so you know what prom dresses to look out for this season.

Mermaid & bodycon
A fitted dress that hugs your figure has always been there & will stay there quiet for a long. This is a perfect timeless way to show off your curves and emphasize your figure. No matter the theme of your prom, trust the fashion, a bodycon dress will fit!

Sheer appear
Sheer fabrics are quite popular for a while now, but 2023 will truly become a showtime for all semi-transparent designs, overlays, and illusion details that allow showing a hint of skin. Yeap, chiffon, silk, lace, semi-transparent tulle, and other thin fabrics will be trending this season.

Less skirt. More skin
Short skirts are a simple yet statement-making choice when you’re going to the prom. Mini to midi, fitted or puffy – there is always something magnetic in showing off your legs.

Corsets. All-styled!
Corsets are multitaskers, doing all the job: they flatter your waist, they give away some princess vibe due to lacing, and they might be sexy, badass, or elegant depending on the style of the corset you choose. The best part? Corsets can be sewn into the dress or worn over, so you can turn any dress into a trendy piece just with the use of some vintage corset.

Sequins all along
Perhaps you thought that the sequined era ends in winter when all the sparkly festive atmosphere is left behind. But not this time! Sequins shined their way into the 2023 season tops and we can not be mad about it. Who doesn’t like a splash of glam?

Romantic & floral
Maybe it has to do with the popularity and romanticization of the Regency era, but it seems that dreamy romantic dresses, usually with floral patterns, will kick the 2023 season off! 

Classic & atypical cuts
Cuts have always been a thing – a timeless classic, but in 2023 atypical cuts and cut-outs come along. Cuts and cut-outs are making a design unique, adding a note of sexiness, sassiness, and seductiveness.