Prom is just around the corner!

If you’re about to graduate, we’re here to help and share some tips and tricks on how to choose a perfect, show-stopping prom dress for you.

TIP 1: Look for some current trends.
Get excited and do some research Explore current fashion trends, popular hairstyles and make-up looks, follow some fashion blogs on Instagram and just keep an eye on anything interesting out there.

TIP 2: Know your body type.
Knowing your body type makes the whole ‘dress-choosing’ process so much easier. Check out the Internet (or our IG story highlight) on how to identify your body type and select a perfect silhouette.

TIP 3: Set a budget.
Having a clear budget in mind helps to avoid being disappointed if you find the perfect dress only to discover that the price tag is too high. In case you like any of the Milla gowns - just contact our Customer Support Team - there is always a chance to get an occasional promo code. Or subscribe for our Newsletter and get -10% for the first order!

TIP 4: Give yourself plenty of time.
Start early and make sure you avoid any stressful last-minute decisions and have a chance to try all different silhouettes and styles!

TIP 5: Don’t forget to accessorise.
The accessories that you pair with your prom dress can make all the difference to your outfit. Consider the type of dress you’ve chosen: if you’re going for a puffy and statement-making dress – go for simple and classy jewellery; if your dream dress is simple and clean – play around with brighter, accent accessories.

TIP 6: Create a mood board!
And finally, our favourite tip - go on Pinterest (or Instagram) and create a board where you could add any inspiration and styles you love!

With love,