Prom 2024 Makeup Ideas

Prom is the time to shine like never before. It is a great opportunity to encapsulate your teenage identity in one appearance and make it noteworthy.

From your dress to your makeup, your look should emphasize your best features while reflecting your identity and staying 100% Instagram-worthy. Since we are all different and want different things, it's okay that some of you might want to have a more casual with a glowing finish look, and some strive for more of a dramatic appearance with bold solutions.

In 2024, all trends are headed in the direction of brightness, and makeup is no exception. But if you are not a fan of bright colors — stay true to yourself, listen to yourself, and choose what reflects you best.

Usually, you can choose between entrusting this mission to a professional, doing it by yourself, or with the help of your closest ones. If go for the makeup artist option, make sure you’ve seen their portfolio and know that reviews are good. If you are paying money, you obviously want to end up with professional-looking makeup that stays all night.

If you choose to do it on your own – make have some fun! Grab a few besties, throw a makeup run, and experiment with looks. Watch some tutorials if you want completely different makeup from the one you used to.

Let's get straight to the ideas and inspiration!

Reverse cat eye

It would seem that you will not surprise anyone with a cat's eye. But no, there's always room for improvement, like the recent reverse cat trend. It still lengthens the eyelid but works well on every kind of eye shape, especially hooded eyes. 

Colorful lashes

Colored mascaras make the eyes bright and expressive. This type of makeup may not be suitable for owners of short eyelashes, because usually, such mascaras are not lengthening eyelashes, only covering their natural length with color.
But, hey, girl, no one said that fake eyelashes cannot be colored!

Glitter, stickers & lots of shine

The power of glitter is priceless. It can turn any make-up into a festive one. Many people think that glitter really entered the chat with the release of the first season of Euphoria, but we tend to think that it was always there, just waiting for its star time.

Bright eyes

All eyes on your eyes! 

Vivid eye makeup does make the difference, bringing depth to your look, and visually making your eyes wider. Though this kind of makeup requires some technique, especially blending, you have plenty of time to improve by doing one specific makeup day after day. 

Bold lip

An alternative to adding color to the image is an original lip color. Best part? Doing your lips expressive is much easier than doing your eyes. But make sure you’ll have a mirror to check the durability & fix it up.

Liners, wings, creativity

Regular black eyeliner gives way to creative, bright, and absolutely odd ones. You can do whatever you want with eyeliner, drawing clouds, hearts, butterflies, and all sorts of art on your face – just do it your way.

Timeless classics

Who said classics was canceled? There is nothing more versatile & chic than elegant makeup 

No-makeup makeup look

Shiny lips, glowy healthy-looking skin, juicy cheeks, natural sprinkles, and feathered eyebrows — natural beauty is everything!


Bright colors are one thing, but neon colors are the next level of brightness. There are also a bunch of cool products that glow in ultraviolet rays, guaranteeing you a spotlight.