Is black a summer color?

When someone talks about summer outfits it is unlikely that black clothes will come to mind first. It has to be something bright or pastel, with minimal skin coverage, with flaring designs. 

But does everything have to be so banal? What if you generally love black and it is the lead color in your wardrobe? Should you give up black for the whole season?

Well, essentially, at high temperatures, you should not stay under the active hot sun long to avoid sunstroke apply sunscreen, and stay hydrated — it doesn't really matter what color you wear.

It is crucial, though, to wear the proper fabrics: something natural, light, with breeze silhouettes. It is important to avoid thick heavy materials and full-coverage pieces.

We hand-picked a selection of top-notch black styles for you to look fabulous in the summer. 

Honestly, there is absolutely no way we can give up black. Not in the summer, not ever. Black is that must-have color that is classy, sophisticated, and splendid for any special occasion. Who knows, maybe we wrote this article because we are obsessed with black 😉