How to Know Your Dress Size: Learn to Read the Dress Size Chart

Do you like a dress from the latest Milla collection? If you have not previously placed an order on the website of this brand, and in general, if you buy a dress online for the first time, you can easily make a mistake with the size. Milla's experts have prepared a brief tutorial on interpreting a dress size chart. Your selected dress will fit your figure like a glove if you correctly read the chart!

What Are the Dress Sizes?

In the USA, dress sizes for ladies are designated either by a number or by markings (XS, S, M, etc.). The second method is most often used. Let's look at how to find your dress size in literal meaning:

  • XXS — extra extra small.
  • S — small.
  • M — medium.
  • L — large.
  • XL — extra large.
  • XXL — extra extra large.

Each size corresponds to the waist, chest, and hip values. Before buying the outfit you like, you must check the size chart table of the chosen brand.

What Happens If You Can’t Guess the Dress Size Correctly?

What do you look like if you buy smaller items? Every extra kilo will be shown to the public, your underwear will be visible, and your outfits will look comical, even if they are fashionable.

The same applies to the oversized silhouette. Many women make the mistake of buying dresses 2-3 sizes bigger to achieve a more familiar fit. However, the oversized evening dress will look rough and disproportionate to the figure.

dress size chartHow to Know Your Dress Size?

When purchasing from the Milla online store, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake in size. Use our recommendations to ensure that any item you order fits perfectly.

So, how do you take measurements for dress? Any online store ensures customers can choose the correct item easily, so they post a size chart on their website. Even if you usually buy dresses in size M, you can check the chart first. The sizes of different companies do not coincide. For now, take measurements of the chest, hips, waist, neck, and sleeves. Thanks to the table data, you can choose any dress you like accurately

Here is how to measure for a dress:

  • Bust — The tape runs around the body strictly horizontally, in front — along the most protruding points of the chest, and in the back — maintaining a horizontal line. Measure the bust based on the bra you intend to wear the product with. This is important because different bra shapes can change the height of your bust. Pass the tape under the armpits across the fullest part of the chest.
  • The waste is measured at the narrowest part of the figure. Do not try to narrow your waist by pulling in your stomach. You are beautiful no matter your size; the correct measurement will help the product fit well.
  • Hips — Run the tape over the most protruding points of the buttocks, taking into account the protrusion of the abdomen.

What Should I Do If My Bust, Waist, and Hip Measurements Are Different Sizes?

Not all figures are ideal and fall under the data in the chart. What would you do if the bust size fits M, and the waist or hips fit S, or vice versa? In this case, pay attention to the dress model you want to order. The key indicators are bust and waist measurements. To be sure of the size, contact the Milla call center, where the manager will advise you in more detail on the nuances of each model.

dress sizesSimple Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dress

The dress should not squeeze your figure. Let it look good on you, be comfortable in movement, and emphasize beauty and elegance. If the evening dress is chosen correctly, fits you perfectly, is comfortable, and you feel like a queen, don’t worry about the price. It would be a mistake to miss such an outfit.

Remember that tight, mini, or maxi dresses emphasize the figure attractively. And if you need to be in better shape, pay attention to A-silhouette or high-waist models. This outfit will hide your belly and highlight your breasts. Choose dresses made from thick fabrics and avoid tight and shiny materials.

A plunging neckline is suitable for women with large breasts, but may upset those with small breasts. You must wear a special push-up bra under the dress. Wearing it will visually enlarge your bust, making the outfit look seductively attractive.

Girls with long, slender legs should choose a knee-length dress. The best option is a medium-length dress with a deep neckline or open shoulders.

Tall women can choose dresses of any length, but it is essential not to overdo it with extreme minis. Medium-length outfits are a great way to hide certain problem areas on your legs.

Purchase Your Dream Dress from the Milla Store

Now you know how to determine your dress size to fit your figure perfectly! If your measurements fall between more than two sizes, we suggest you contact Milla client support.

Our online store offers many dress models for any event. We have cocktail and evening dresses in different colors: blue, red, light blue, green, black and many others. Remember that all outfits on the site can be customized to your size. Your order will be delivered throughout the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia) and worldwide so that every woman receives the dress she dreams of!