Five steps to becoming a Black Friday sales slayer!

Traditionally, it was the day when holiday sales started - last Friday of November, right after the American Thanksgiving. Because of the intense car traffic, roads were literally black. Thus, this is the origin of the Black Friday name.

In recent years, Black Friday expanded over the following weekend and ended with Cyber Monday - a digital markdown event in online stores. 

As the world is still in the phase of the pandemic, we would definitely advise focusing on online shopping, avoiding crowded places and spending the evening in peace in your own home while sipping herbal tea or whatever you like. 

Milla team prepared for our Milla girls some tips to make sure you are getting only the best deals during those sales. And follow Milla to not miss our sales as well :)

1. Prepare a wishlist or a vision board for what you want and where you will use it


It's nice to grab something randomly half-price, but then the wardrobe risks ending up stuffed with unnecessary clothes which do not really define your personal style.

So before heading to hunt for deals, make sure you have a vision of composing looks and a solid list of items. It will help resist the temptation to buy unneeded pieces and save your wallet some money.

2. Try it on beforehand

    Sizing varies from brand to brand. If you can go and smell that trendy perfume and try those fancy heels to make sure what your size really is, we really advise you to do that. This will help you avoid poor fitting and overall disappointment. And if you cannot visit a physical shop, review your desired brand sizing online and contact customer care if needed.

    At Milla we`re always happy to help you find the proper size, so your new evening dress suits you perfectly. 

    3. Learn about shipping and returns

    During such major sales, stores might be overloaded and shipping delayed - and return policy could vary.

    On our side we made sure - whatever happens, Milla has a flexible return policy. 

    4. Learn prices and find those promo codes

    Sales are an amazing opportunity to get something long-desired, yet a bit expensive. But some stores might skyrocket the prices before reductions, so you're getting the same price it was before. So learn the prices beforehand. And prepare promo codes - some brands are giving additional discounts for newly registered members, and many bloggers give some.

    Also, you may receive your own promo code to share with friends and earn some cashback. For example, our Milla girls always will have a 10% discount on their first order!

    5. Don't be sad if you miss something

    This is definitely not the last sale and not the last Black Friday. We in Milla always have awesome options with reduced price tags on our Sales page