Essentials checklist: 5 must-have dresses in your wardrobe

Every woman should have a wardrobe she can rely on. To be sure that at the moment, there will be a suitable dress and no need to rack brains over what to wear.

To have such a wardrobe, you need to consider adding some timeless pieces to get you covered for nearly any event that comes up on your calendar.

We handpicked 5 foundational dresses that will help you be prepared for any upcoming event and simplify getting ready.

Set yourself free from a getting-dressed struggle!
The list of “must haves”:

1. A little black dress

Every woman should have at least one forever in the fashion trend little black dress. A proper black dress is a versatile piece that usually fits all possible occasions and makes you effortlessly feel the most confident self.

2. Sequined dress to dazzle 

If you want to light up the room with your presence – pick a style with a head-to-toe glow. Bold sequined dresses are made to put you in the spotlight. 

3. Puffy midi to impress

Fairly festive and casual by mood. A puffy midi dress that will get you ready steady for any adventures.

4. Opulent gown to feel like a princess

Every girl deserves to have her princess moment. Stop suppressing your dreams, and make them come true by wearing one of our ultra puffy ball gowns whenever you feel like stealing the scene.

5. Blooms to flourish in

Floral motifs tend to add a tender romantic vibe to your overall appearance. Whether you are up to brunch with BFFs or a date after work – you can never go wrong with florals!

Fill in your closet with essentials ✨