100% desired gift: introducing e-gift card

We know you’ve been waiting… We are finally launching our own e-gift card 🎉

From now on you can gift a dream dress of the receiver’s choice.
Best part? Your present is guaranteed to be appreciated, as you are not the one choosing it — your receiver does 🤭

Let us take you through some formalities that your receiver will get by email, but can ask you in person. 

🎁 Gift card owner can purchase any items available on itsmilla.com.
Including items on sale.

🎁 If the purchase amount is less than the gift card value, the rest can be used for the next purchase.
Easy and enjoyable – that is what the gift is supposed to be in the first place.

🎁 The gift card expires a year after the date of purchase. 

🎁 The email with a gift card can be sent on a specific day by your wish.


Tap here to order a gift card and make someone’s dream true 💕