Wedding dresses for guests: what to select?

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What is cocktail attire for a wedding? It is a dress that must be both elegant and reserved. When you go to a wedding as a guest, be sure to choose a dress, not only according to your preferences but also according to this special occasion and the weather. The inappropriate selection of wedding dresses for guests is a serious misstep. 

Of course, an outfit for a wedding in May will be different from the one you could wear for a ceremony in August or December. To leave nothing to chance, check these few essential points for choosing the best wedding dresses for guests. 

Dress code matters

What to wear to a wedding as a guest? The summer wedding guest dress you choose must correspond to the wedding circumstances because it can take different forms. Some have very elegant themes in a castle rented for the occasion, while others prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, for example, a rural party outdoors.

  1. When organizing a wedding, future spouses can choose a theme that will cover the entire event, including the outfits, the reception places, the type of meal served, and the animations. 
  2. If you are told a theme "black & white," "country," "oriental," or "retro-vintage,” you will have to comply with these requirements.
  3. Ball gowns can overshadow the bride's outfit. They should only be chosen when the bride and groom define a marriage of this nature.

Gown type

The main thing is that the dress is elegant and comfortable. The most common choice of women is evening or cocktail elegant dresses for wedding guests.

Another important factor is choosing the right dress for your body shape. Depending on your figure, some wedding outfits must be favored. The selected models must not disturb the proportions of your body. 

  1. For example, women with a pear (A) silhouette should choose tight dresses to wear to a wedding party (a dress should be tight in the upper part), while the bottom must be flared. 
  2. The shape of the hourglass allows more choice among the creations. Stylists, however, recommend formal wedding guest dresses that emphasize the figure. 
  3. If you are an X or an H body shape, it is better to choose a fitted cut.

On the other hand, the dress should highlight your entire silhouette by revealing your legs. However, wedding fashion designers insist on not choosing mini-dresses for weddings, as they are generally considered inelegant. Midi long sleeve dresses for weddings are considered very stylish. The advantage of long dresses for women for wedding is that they are suitable for any type of party.

Material and color

The material from which the bridal shower guest dress will be made must be elegant. Fabric is the first thing you need to pay attention to. The material must not be wrinkled and heavy. A cotton dress will not work because it is similar to an everyday outfit. The fabric from which the dress will be made must be elegant and of good quality to emphasize the importance of the ceremony.

  1. As for the colors for this type of event, it is advisable not to opt for cream, ecru, and white shades. These colors are reserved for the bride. Pastels or the darkest, such as dark green or navy blue, work well and are to be preferred.
  2. On the other hand, discreet prints and intense colors, such as burgundy cute wedding guest dresses, work well for women with matte skin or brown hair. They can be finished with lace or sewn with silver or gold thread.
  3. Wearing black is a questionable subject. Black is mainly associated with mourning. If you don't know the bride and groom well, this color should be avoided because you can't predict the reaction to this color on such a happy day. 

The recommended accessories

It's time to match jewelry, shoes and a handbag with the style of the dress. If the outfit is simple, choose more daring accessories. 

On the other hand, if the dress is very ornate, the other accessories must be discreet. In addition, avoid flashy and very painted makeup at all costs. This is often perceived as vulgar rather than elegant.

When choosing bare-shoulder women’s wedding guest dresses (with floral or any other patterns), remember that it may be cold in the church and that you must cover your shoulders with a shawl, for example, or wear a jacket. It is not necessary, but it is often well-received in conservative circles. 

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