What to wear on a beach vacation

Dresses for relaxing by the sea are those designers often use in cruise collections. Not every summer dress is suitable for a beach holiday. Let's consider the most popular models that no suitcase of vacationers can do without and beach vacation dresses that are most suitable for you.

vacation dressMaxi length sundress: the most popular option among beach vacation dresses +more options

If you pay attention to the pictures of celebrities caught by paparazzi on the beach, women's resort dresses are diverse. 

Length here is of great importance. Women love both a vacation maxi dress and a vacation mini dress. For example, the bohemian style looks very feminine and traditional. What is the plus of this option – it suits all types of figures and any height.

Wrap dress

A wrap dress of midi or maxi length is also one of the most popular models for beach holidays. The secret of the demand for the style is the same as that of the previous dress – it suits all types of figures and any height.

The wrap dress easily masks the figure's shortcomings, is quickly removed and put on, the cut emphasizes femininity, and fits into any summer capsule. 

Short A-line dress

The 60s mini and midi dress is a popular summer style that is also suitable for relaxing by the sea. The model made of the stretch fabric allows you to put on and take off the dress in one move. Options with zippers and buttons look interesting.

The simplicity of the cut allows you to use bright and fresh shades, daring prints, and lace, which is entirely appropriate on vacation. The spring-summer season often introduces neon shades, metallic, red-orange, and ultramarine ranges into fashion. All these colors are great for such a small beach dress. But in this case, we choose a model without decor.

Safari-style dress

You can use the elegance of a safari dress to stand out for a stylish view of the beach holiday. Neutral sand range of shades, khaki, and gray colors look noble and go well with tanned skin. For a more significant effect, a safari dress can be combined with shoes and jewelry in gold and silver.

Thanks to the buttons, the model is easy to remove and put on. The dress suits women of any height and build, but you need to carefully choose the length so as not to violate the figure's proportions. This style is also suitable for chubby ladies, especially for summer vacation dresses for women with a belt, which emphasizes the waist.

vacation dressTropical vacation dresses with a flounce on the shoulders

For those who want to be in the spotlight on the beach, a dress with an elegant flounce on their shoulders is ideal. This detail looks so impressive that it causes associations with the style of Golden Hollywood. And celebrities very often resort to such a simple way to attract attention on vacation.

A flounce on such a dress can be:

  • single on the cut line;
  • double;
  • duplicated on top of the shoulders and bottom on the hem of the dress;
  • oblique when the cut line is beveled.

When choosing a dress, pay attention to the size of the flounce; the smaller the height and more miniature the figure, the less bulky the flounce should be. Hawaiian vacation dresses are popular as well.


For holidays at sea or on a remote island, designers traditionally use specific colors and prints:

  • marine style with a striped pattern and chains (blue, blue, red, burgundy, mustard, black, white, metallic);
  • floral print (flowers, plant leaves, branches);
  • strip (any shades, multicolored strip);
  • ombre and TaiDai;
  • white and natural shades;
  • neon colors.

For beach models, there are traditional decors and cut elements:

  • flounces;
  • cuts;
  • chains;
  • bows and ties;
  • drapery;
  • embroidery;
  • lace inserts, etc.

You can choose a sexy dress for relaxing by the sea in any summer collection. Designers create both traditional models and make variety thanks to colors, actual prints, and decor. Most styles fit any type of figure, but with length and decor, you need to be more careful not to distort the proportions of the body.

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