What Should Be the Ideal Cocktail Dress

Special occasions require appropriate attire. It can be a New Year’s party or a wedding where you have to appear as a guest or bridesmaid. An ideal choice for this elegant event is cocktail dresses with rich decor made of semi-transparent materials or lace. Sequins, beads, frills, intricate patterns - it’s hard to tear off a look from such creations!

Cocktail dresses from the Milla brand

In the collections of Milla dresses, you will find a wide selection of stylish proposals - from pastel models with an ornate corset, through the classic little black dress, to New Year’s dresses with a tulle skirt, which gently envelop the silhouette and flutter beautifully during the dance. Models in glamour style - with metalized threads or graphic jacquard patterns look great at the night lights. They will be the best choice if you want to make an impression. We organize free delivery worldwide, including the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).

How long should dresses for cocktail party be?

A critical dilemma that arises when choosing cocktail attire for women considers the length of the dress. Everything is complicated because the evening cocktail dress comes in different sizes - from mini to midi and the middle of the calf. Do you want to know which style will be best for you? We offer several tips:

  1. Knee-length women's cocktail dresses will show your slim legs. They are perfect for short women. The good news is that they can even be worn with low heels. So if you don’t like high heels, this is a good alternative. Mini dresses are suitable for less formal occasions, such as a family party in the garden. Avoid them when the ceremony takes place in a church.
  2. Midi - to the middle of the calf - fashionable cocktail dresses perfectly combine with high-heeled shoes and make the whole silhouette more proportional. If you are short and thin, a calf-length evening cocktail dress will look great, especially if you complement it with elegant high-heeled shoes! In addition, such a length is always appropriate for any occasion because it covers the knees.
  3. Formal cocktail dresses are usually maxi-length models. Wear them at weddings and parties after 6 p.m. They are less formal and sophisticated than ball gowns but just as elegant, so you should add noble jewelry and comfortable high-heeled shoes!
  4. An asymmetric, beautiful cocktail dress attire is always in trend. It is not surprising because this dress is a golden mean between a mini skirt and a maxi dress. You can show off your slender legs and take care of the comfort of the movement thanks to the elongated hem.

When choosing cocktail outfits, you often face the dilemma of sleeves. Some ladies, without thinking twice, will choose designer cocktail dresses with sleeves, which always look appropriate for any occasion, as they cover the shoulders. This is especially important when we gather for a wedding in a church. It is a good idea if you want to hide your bare hands for aesthetic reasons. Many women in sleeved dresses simply feel more confident! However, if you choose a style of cocktail dress without sleeves, for example, with a corset, invest in a scarf that you will wear over the dress when the situation calls for it. Cocktail dresses with an open back are also an exciting option for ladies who like discreet, original models. However, in this case, you should remember to choose the right bra!

How to choose a color for cocktail party outfits?

It is also essential to choose the color of the cocktail dress attire, which will emphasize your beauty and fit into the nature of the event. In our catalog, you will find offers of pastel, neutral, bright, and even metallic colors, so you can easily find the outfit of your dreams. Traditionally, the most versatile will be the famous little black dress - a cocktail dress that you will wear many times, change accessories, and look different. If you dislike black, choose dark blue, bottle-green, or burgundy. However, dark colors will work better in winter and during parties. Choose them when purchasing an evening cocktail dress! For a wedding, you can choose light beige dresses for cocktail parties or models in pastel colors such as powder pink, or sky blue. If you feel best in juicy, saturated colors, bet on a red dress that will help you stand out from the crowd and add character to the whole style!