What Does Black Tie Mean: Tips for Creating the Right Look

A black bow tie, a white shirt, a tuxedo, lacquered shoes for men and an evening dress, a small handbag, and elegant jewelry for women - these are the rules of the black tie dress code women and men follow. Our stylists tell us what black tie means and how to choose a black tie attire for women for a ceremony.

What does black tie mean?

Are you invited to an important event with a dress code? What if the invitation says “black tie”? This means that in terms of style, the choice is small. This dress code imposes strict rules that must be adhered to avoid making mistakes.

This is how the British aristocracy dressed in the 19th century for meetings that began after 7 p.m. What does black tie mean for women in the modern world? It is required at celebratory and jubilee celebrations and opera, philharmonic, or theater premieres.

What do women wear for a black tie event?

Although the name is more associated with gentlemen, the dress code applies to men and women. There are specific rules to follow, but they are more relaxed than male looks.

Dress, pants, or women's suit

First, an evening dress is a mandatory element of a woman’s outfit. Preferably long, although ¾ and knee-length options are also acceptable.

As an alternative, women can wear a suit with a long skirt or elegant trouser suit. Keeping the outfit’s character and dark and muted tones is necessary.

The material for a black tie optional women's dress is also essential. Silk chiffon is ideal, as well as taffeta, velvet, satin, tulle, and lace. The dress should not have a train and flared silhouette. Woman`s black tie evening dresses  emphasize the figure beautifully. The style is based on classic elegance and not on a sexual image.

Below, we consider different dress options in more detail.

  1. Women's black tie event dresses. The dress and the suit's skirt can be knee-length, with a standard deviation of 3 inches up or down from the center of the knee. The dress and skirt must be made of materials for evening wear, such as silk, chiffon, taffeta, tulle, lace, velvet, and satin. Choosing this type of outfit can cause some doubts because a long dress is fundamental to a white-tie outfit. So what does a black tie event mean? It is important to remember that the dress you choose for a white tie event is also suitable as a black tie optional women's outfit, and not vice versa. If your partner is in a tuxedo, you should forget the rule that it is better to be dressed less than too elegant. A little black-tie cocktail dress is not enough for semiformal events. This dress should be evening and solemn.
  2. The suit is like a woman's outfit for a black tie event. A set of a top with a skirt is, in most cases, better than a set with pants. Of course, we are talking about an evening suit that does not resemble a business suit. The secret of a well-dressed woman lies, among other things, in the ability to put together different wardrobes for different occasions and not maneuver around one dress or suit used for every event. 
  3. Accessories - handbag, jewelry, shoes. Finally, it is necessary to mention a small purse, which can also be made of silk or velvet. In addition, remember jewelry - a magnificent necklace or bracelet will complement the image beautifully. Avoid wearing a watch - it is tactlessness. Elegant stiletto sandals (for bare feet) and patent or matte pumps are also necessary. A few more details remain - a beautiful hairstyle and manicure. You must remember that hair and hands are a woman’s calling card.

Black tie - the verdict

You already know what a modern black tie dress code for ladies means and how to create an ideal image. Finally - a small warning - remember that formal clothing leaves us little space for maneuvering when it comes to the desire for self-expression. The most important thing is compliance with standards, good taste, and elegance. Deviations from the rules are sometimes permissible (usually for choosing dresses on red carpets), but it is better to stick to the win-win classics to look genuinely flawless. Therefore, in the catalog, we have collected black tie dress code women's dresses, so you will not make a mistake with your choice. And we will deliver the purchased outfits to any part of the world, including the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).