Wedding Dress: Afterparty Edition - Trumpet vs Mermaid Silhouette

Sooner or later, the bride must decide on the choice of dress. Of course, wedding salons are ready to help you select the perfect look to be prepared for all hundred. Dresses flared at the bottom create a feminine silhouette and help drive men crazy. It is no coincidence that this is one of the most popular styles for bride’s attire. Let's figure out the difference between a mermaid dress vs trumpet and to whom this may apply.

Varieties of Flared Gowns that Brides Need to Know

However, the USA and European wedding markets offer outfits with flared skirts in multiple variants. This is very important to know if you want to see all possible options on the Internet. We want you to measure all the advantages of flared dresses and compare fit and flare vs mermaid vs trumpet variants.

Fit-And-Flare Wedding Dresses

The most feminine, romantic, and sexy dress in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista is, without a doubt, a flared wedding dress. The cut is convenient and universal, and the classic models have a closed, fitted top without sleeves but with a lush skirt. The main difference between fit and flare and mermaid models are:

  • winning maxi and midi length;
  • hugs the chest, beautifully delineating the curves;
  • an accent belt and a noticeable flare on the hips;
  • opens the legs and arms, giving the figure the necessary proportionality.

Trumpet Dresses

The trumpet skirt hugs the hips and widens at the bottom. It combines a pencil skirt and a skirt with a flared hem. In this situation, you must choose a model made of light, airy, and flowing fabric. As for the length, it can be variable. Mind that the shortened trumpet model is perfect for every day, which is the most significant difference between trumpet and mermaid designs. Again, pick up shoes supplemented with a platform or a heel.

Mermaid Dresses

One of the trendiest festive looks today is a mermaid dress, where the lush part begins below the knees. This style emphasizes the ideal figure, highlights the hips, and visually increases the girl's height. To look elegant and beautiful in this outfit, it is necessary to assess the features of your body and complexion correctly. At the same time, your dress can be supplemented with frills, a corset, long sleeves, and an elegant neckline.

Mermaid and Trumpet DressWhat's the Difference Between Mermaid and Trumpet Dress?

The USA wedding shops offer a wide variety of flared outfits that every bride likes. The silhouettes of the flared models have much the same. So, how to find a difference between  a trumpet vs mermaid gown if you are not a designer? The main secret lies in the flared skirt's position and the loose cut's smoothness.

  • A trumpet is a brass instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. And indeed, dress models resemble this musical instrument. These models tighten the figure, and the flare begins above the knees, giving the bride enough freedom and comfort.
  • Mermaid dresses look very feminine, fragile, and sexy. However, this style is technically complex as the flare starts from the knees and below, resembling a mermaid's or a fish's tail.

How to Choose a Mermaid-Style Wedding Dress?

trumpet wedding dress vs mermaidWhen choosing a  trumpet dress vs mermaid dress, consider whether it is comfortable for you to sit and walk in it. Looking at the models, also consider the design features of the skirt. The lower and tighter the skirt fits the legs, and the more its tail expands, the more uncomfortable you will be walking in such a dress. 

  • Wearing a trumpet model is recommended only for girls with impeccable figures. The most important thing is the presence of a thin waist and broad chest and hips. Such a female figure is called an hourglass.
  • If your hips are more comprehensive than the shoulders, but wearing a mermaid wedding outfit is your life dream, complement your image with a bolero. In this case, your silhouette will be closer to the hourglass type.
  • Belts are the best helpers to narrow the waist. Milla's designers specially create models with the illusion of a belt when the seam runs along the waistline. You can choose a strap for your outfit yourself. It can be a satin ribbon, a rhinestone ribbon, or a patch.

The Best Wedding Dresses in the USA: a Catalog of Great Ideas from Milla

The Milla store is ready to provide dozens of models designed for different figures. Choosing an outfit considering the peculiarities of appearance will turn the bride into a real queen of the main holiday in her life.

Although Milla store offers different prices for different wedding budgets – from budget (which does not affect their elegance) to expensive exclusives with shipping to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and worldwide. Our managers will consult you about the difference between a trumpet wedding dress vs mermaid and help to choose the one that suits you the best.