How to Choose the Perfect Special Occasion Dresses

women's special occasion dressesHello, charming ladies! You have a big date coming up and have to look stunning. Milla online store will help you. First, we suggest you remember what you already have in your wardrobe. If you are sure there is nothing sound in it, you need our help. We have enough women's special occasion dresses, but you must choose the color and length. I think it will depend on where you will be.

Choice of Color for Special Event Dresses

Choosing an evening dress without determining its color first is not an option for a modern woman. This factor also has rules that must be followed. We can teach you how to consider the color type when choosing special occasion gowns. Remember that red will attract attention in any case, and blue will help hide the figure's flaws. Gold and silver are always in trend.

  • Brunettes are in the most winning position. Any color solutions for an evening outfit are suitable for them. Choosing modest special occasion dresses in cold shades for an evening look is best. However, women of this type will be irresistible in bright red or neutral outfits.

  • Blondes and brown-haired women with transparent skin will look even more delicate and romantic in blue, peach, chocolate, and yellow-colored clothes. Formal occasion dresses for women with platinum hair and brown or gray eyes can be any shade of gray or beige. Brighter versions of these colors will suit blond ladies.

Choice of Length: Maxi or Mini

elegant dresses for special occasionsIn addition to dress style and color, choosing the length of clothes requires special attention. In this case, it is crucial to take into account not only the type of figure but also the rank of the event. Your height and age also play an essential role.

Going to a social outing with an official dress code is worth giving preference to long elegant dresses for special occasions. Visiting a friend's wedding or a corporate party in medium-length or knee-length women's occasion dresses is better. Self-confident ladies usually wear short skirts for visiting a cafe or restaurant on a romantic date.

Designer special occasion dresses for slim girls have more length options. A lady with ideal proportions can demonstrate all her virtues.

Mini: for Bright and Brave Ladies

Short all occasion dresses for women have mini or slightly above-the-knee gradations. To create a catchy look, you can choose a dress of a length above the knee while demonstrating slender legs. Ballroom classic toilets look romantic and elegant, having a shortened length.

Revealing minis are perfect for going to a club or a friendly party. At the same time, it is worth remembering that women's dresses of such a length should be carefully selected if the body type is Pear or Inverted triangle. They are more suitable for ladies with a Rectangle figure.

Short ladies occasion dresses with a train look original and unusual. Tall women should choose them with a model appearance. This is an essential condition, since such a length and style demonstrate not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of the figure.

Midi: the Classics of Gorgeous Dresses for all Occasions

Even though the traditional evening look of the dress assumes a medium length, it is not easy to choose it correctly. The difficulty lies in the risk of visually shortening the legs. This, in turn, will make the figure disproportionate.

The first rule requires that the length not be below the middle of the ankle. Otherwise, the image will be fat and heavy, and the most slender legs will look short and plump. Also, the shoes for such an outfit will be limited exclusively to high-heeled shoes.

A Few Tips from Fashion Stylists

modest special occasion dressesThe festive outfit you can choose in the Milla shop should be feminine and romantic. In order not to make a mistake in determining women's special occasion dresses, you should listen to the recommendations of stylists:

  • When choosing an elegant dress for a festive event, use a simple formula: gentle, sexy, but not too revealing. Such a combination will emphasize femininity, but not allow it to appear vulgar.

  • Forget sneakers and jeans, even if you choose the trendiest fancy occasion dresses. You can't do without heels and delicate fabrics.

  • If you do not know where and how the celebration will be held, choose a tiny black dress – a win-win option appropriate for any event. It's easy to transform – add a romantic scarf or a bright, stylish blazer.

  • Do not forget about accessories – they should be unobtrusive but graceful and elegant. In addition, it is worth taking care of beautiful linen in advance. Without it, even the most beautiful dress will not look so seductive.

You can choose special dresses for special occasions in our online catalog. If you are afraid you cannot do it alone, invite your friends to go shopping together or use Milla’s manager's help. We create brilliant looks for women worldwide and ship our dresses all over the USA: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and other big cities. Call us if you want to look luxurious and flawless at your festive event!