Dresses specially designed for your bridesmaids: new collection by Milla

Let’s face it: bridesmaids have never been just friends or family who decorate the altar standing beside the bride. Bridesmaids have always been the fundament that glues everything together: from organizing the bachelorette party and helping to choose the dress to making sure everything runs smoothly during the ceremony. 
Being side by side every step of the way, bridesmaids can be rightfully considered a support system that the bride can rely on throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Beyond all of the responsibilities, bridesmaids are the closest friends the bride has and it is reasonable to take care of them as they take care of you. So why not consider a gorgeous set of glossy dresses specially created for your bridesmaids?

To honor a bride tribe, an evening wear brand Milla introduced a collection of timeless yet trendy silky styles in 3 colors that will easily match the theme and style of any wedding.

The collection includes versatile styles in pale pink, olive green, and dusty blue colors that can be worn on any other occasion than the wedding it was bought for.
Choosing one silhouette that will flatter all bridesmaids sounds practically impossible, so the collection delivers 3 different silhouettes in the same matching color palette so each bridesmaid can feel the most confident self while holding the color scheme the bride chose.

Oh, and did we mention that the more dresses you purchase – the more money you save? Buying 2 dresses assure you a 10% deal, 3 dresses equal 10% off, 4 dresses – 20% off, 5 dresses – 25%, 6 and more – 30% off!
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