The last-minute New Year checklist 🎄

The rhythm of the 21st century is, without exaggeration, crazy. You have work, family, relationships, hobbies, self-development, housework, self-care, and it all takes time. It’s no wonder that lots of New Year preps are postponed to the last minute. If you are in the one boat with us, continue reading, as we have prepared the last-minute New Year to-do checklist with all the important plans you don’t need to keep in mind anymore.

1.Create a festive season calendar: mark all the upcoming meetings, parties, holidays, and to-do things. It will help you to stay on track and keep all of the important plans in mind 📆

2.Do a deep cleaning of the house. This is a way to reset and enter the new year more organized. Try to get rid of all unnecessary things according to the principle: leave stuff that causes positive emotions, and get rid of everything that does not excite you 🧹

3.Arrange the festive atmosphere and take care of the lights, decorations, playlists, and entertainment. Having a lack of a festive mood? Throw a Christmas movie marathon 🎅

4.Think through your festive look. What a celebration without your stunning appearance! Dare to shine, and wear something extra. Perhaps, go out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve always wanted or admired but never dared to try on 💃

5.Take care of gifts. Yes, maybe you won’t be able to order something truly amazing due to the deadline, but it is better to buy something less impressive than to show up without any present at all. Use your imagination and known information about the person, or search for their wishlist. Try to understand what they want and get something similar 🎁

6.Plan your feast! Whether you are planning to have a party at your place, go to someone’s place, celebrate in the city, or in a restaurant – know your menu. Take into account that if you celebrate in the city, there is a possibility all cafes are reserved or closed. If you throwing a party at your home – the menu is a crucial part. And, of course, if you are about to visit your friends’ house – don’t forget to bring something with you 🍷

7.Shopping day. You need at least one of them. To buy groceries, gifts, outfits, and all the needed decorations 🛒

8.Do something you always dreamed of: schedule a family photoshoot, go skiing or sledding, do a snowman or a snow angel, bake some ginger cookies, or DIY some decorations ✨

Happy New Year!