Royal blue and emerald green dresses


A bright dress that can be worn to balls, proms, and other events is a must for every woman. Emerald green dresses and royal blue dresses are fashionable and stylish; no wonder many ladies choose these colors. Some women even opt for a royal blue wedding dress. An emerald green formal dress is a decent choice to wear for work. Ladies have been choosing dresses of these colors for several years in a line.

One thing is sure, even though the green or royal blue dress is a sensation, many women wonder how to wear it. Today, we have decided to answer all your questions about green and blue dresses. 

You don't have to be a fashion genius to see that green and blue have invaded dressing rooms. In recent seasons, the new collections have followed each other with at least one or two pieces of pretty green and blue. Apple, bottle, fir, cobalt, emerald, water green, and its multiple variations are gaining ground to become the bold choice of fashionistas in summer and winter.

Each designer puts his touch of green or royal blue in the shows, showing us the trends to adopt in terms of shade. Indeed, fancy emerald green dresses, as well as royal blue dresses, look incredible on a lady of any body shape and age. 

royal blue dressWhich shade to choose?

It's a question of complexion. If you don't want to look bland and dull in your new dress, you will have to pay attention to the choice of blue shade. Indeed, this color is not without risks and can be dangerous for your face if you choose royal blue dresses for women (or emerald options) poorly. 

If you don't know anything about colorimetry, it's straightforward; try it! You will have no trouble seeing that one blue or emerald green cocktail dress is less flattering than another for your complexion. 

What jacket to wear with an emerald green midi dress or blue dress?

This question comes up often, but is not easy to answer. The jacket is to be chosen according to the cut of the dress, but also according to the shade of a blue or green dress.

Here are some colors that certainly work to choose a jacket for a blue or green dress:

  • Black.
  • White or ecru.
  • Denim, especially the denim jacket.
  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • And even red!

Otherwise, in terms of cuts, oversize is fashionable. So do not hesitate to accessorize your royal blue long dress with an XXL blazer jacket with an eighties spirit.

emerald green dressWhat about the accessories?

Again, it all depends on the shade of your dress. 

  • Wear navy blue heels or black accessories to accessorize a royal blue evening gown for a wedding. As for jewelry, bet on gold.
  • If you want to accessorize a light green emerald green ball gown for a wedding (pastel green or water green type), wear nude, gold, or black accessories.

A black, gray, golden, or silver pouch will go well with a green or royal blue ball gown.

Also, what shoes would be suitable? If black is a safe and easy choice to wear in winter or even in summer in your everyday looks, nothing beats a nude shoe to highlight the shade of your long or short dress. With nude heels on your feet, you will produce an unforgettable impression wearing a beautiful green dress. Gold and silver are also excellent choices. And for a casual style, nothing beats white sneakers!

What trendy green and blue dress to wear on festive occasions?

In summer, we tend to choose light green/blue; in winter, people choose dark blue or green. But the truth is that all shades are allowed in any season of the year. Here are our tips for choosing your blue or green dress according to the season:

  • In spring, adopt a small royal blue summer dress or a skater dress.
  • In summer, go for a romantic bohemian dress.
  • Opt for an elegant pleated emerald green dress casual with a midi cut in autumn.
  • A green, sumptuous dress made of velvet is a nice choice for winter.

If you wear the green dress as an evening dress, nothing is more elegant than a bottle-green or emerald green ceremonial dress. Like a sapphire that enters the room, you will shine with elegance with your green evening dress!

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