Mini dress as your number 1 go-to choice

A mini dress can be rightfully considered one of the most iconic clothing pieces that fashion brought over the years. Mini skirts were common in the earliest civilizations, but they became a real fashion staple in the ‘60s thanks to the posters with the supermodel Twiggy. 

British designer Mary Quant and French designer André Courrèges were arguing about who had the right to be the first inventor of the mini skirt. Yet, in the end, both of them agreed that it was the streets of London that invented the mini skirt.

Though the mini-skirt era thrived in the '60s, you can’t say it actually began to decline. There is no way modern fashion can exist without mini skirts. 

The mini skirt can be your ultimate number 1 go-to choice as it is versatile, flattering yet comfortable, and easy to style. Did we mention it is usually a sensation-maker? With legs of yours – we have no doubts! 

The mini dress is suitable almost for every occasion – all you need to do is style it properly. 

For example, wear sneakers, fishnet tights, and a leather jacket for a concert, a pair of sandals, a cute hat, and a backpack for a road trip, a pair of heels and glam jewelry for a date, or style it with a blazer and a chic purse, and your mini becomes a perfect fit for work, business lunch, or conference.

Depending on the style, fabric, pattern, and embellishment, mini can easily go from a statement daring style to an adorable piece.

If you are up to turning some heads, consider something figure-hugging and eye-catching. With daring slits, fabulous embellishments, and bizarre colors.
But if you’re going for a long city walk, a dreamy photoshoot, and just want to feel a princess vibe – puffy tulle minis should be your pick. 

Whether you're looking for a bold and showstopper look, or something romantic and dreamy – a mini dress got you covered. So why not make it your number 1 go-to choice and opt for some minis?