Living in a fairy tale

Reading fairy tales in childhood, watching Disney cartoons, and studying history, we constantly come across phenomenal lush dresses. Each of them is like a piece of art: lace-up corsets, puffy skirts, frills, insane volume, and lots of drama details. These dresses are usually worn by princesses, queens, duchess, and all the royalty. And we suspect that everyone imagined themselves in such pompous dress...

Why imagine if you can actually wear one of those?

We are honestly living for those moments of pure bliss when you are trying our dresses for the first time and blossoming right away, feeling the most gorgeous self.

So that each of you can find your dreamlike dress and become the heroine of your own fairy tale, we are releasing three new styles of superior ball gowns.

 Meet our new drop!

Our dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it 💖

Milla Team