Just dropped: St. Valentine’s collection

Being extra is the way of living. Meet our brand-new collection dedicated to the most romantic and cliched holiday ever – St. Valentines. 

To destroy existing stereotypes and give a new start to modern traditions, we dare you to confess your love for yourself. Every second of every day starting today.
Your love can embody different ways: sleep a bit longer, take time for a long bath, go out more frequently, buy a dress you've been dreaming of – do something for yourself.

This collection is a love letter designed to manifest beauty, unleash sexuality, discover your own uniqueness, and broadcast it at the highest volume possible. 

Coming up with some jaw-dropper designs, we have made some bold decisions by including some atypical cut-outs, daring slits and necklines, semi-transparent fabrics, and brand-new silhouettes.

Let’s dive in!