Inside of the Premiere: Making of exclusive gowns for Leonie Hanne

Not only is the Venice International Film Festival the world’s oldest film festival to occupy a huge space in the art world today. Being held in one of the most ancient and beautiful cities, it brings one of the most amazing red carpet fashion moments.

As the 78th Venice Film Festival is officially closed, it is the perfect time to take a look back at the two most memorable looks of it.

This year Leonie Hanne, German fashion blogger, style influencer and entrepreneur, did two red carpets in gowns expired and create by a the whole team of bridal and evening wear seamstress of Milla Nova and Milla team.


It all happened on a regular day. As always, we’ve opened our inbox to check emails, and a second later, an exciting buzz arose in the air around the office. Leonie Hanne, our long-time muse and inspiration, selected Milla to sew her custom dress. No time to celebrate — we only had a few days to make it happen.

First red carpet Leonie did in a yellow voluminous ball gown with high neck and open back. 

    “ This bright-neon puffy ball gown was inspired by Leonie, her stylish artistic Instagram page, and her shiny elegant personality. We wanted to create an amazing gown which would look spectacular on the red carpet on Leonie in Venice,” says Milla Nova team.

All out team believe that a perfect dress has a simple formula. We seek inspiration in travels, nature, and emotions. Leonie’s journey was no different, and we went with a bright-neon and fancy gown that calls attention to her fun and friendly personality. It has to be eye-catching yet comfy and highlight the natural beauty of the girl in it. It also had to be classy enough to fit the astonishing beauty of Venice.

48 hours to go from the concept in the making it happen, 72 hours to get a final 2 looks, 500m of the tulle to create this masterpiece ball gown, 10 team members to strive to perfection and voilà - Leonie Hanne approving everything thought the tones of the WhatsApp messages and waiting for us to deliver it.

The upper part was designed with very precise detailed drapery. All skirt ruches were hand-made piece by piece. To put them together was like creating a very voluminous rouche bouquet. Everything hand-crafted and made with a great honour to be presented by Leonie Hanne. Every single ruffle has been made by the single peace of the yellow tulle round, that has been sewed in a specific way and connected with a main base of the tulle skirt. It has been more than 2000 of such a hand-made round for all the 3-meters train,

The hardest thing was to connect the light and delicate corset with a heavy and multi-leyered skirt, which was around 15kg weight. But even such a small details haven't stopped us!

The gown was designed to give more dimension and visual expansion as Leonie walked the red carpet. Leonie is the influencer's version of a princess in this yellow puffy gown. As usual, there was no sacrifice in fabric and materials. It took 10 team members and lots of focus to turn the concept into reality. Milla Nova’s aim is that there will be no second chance to make things right. Our customers often have only one shot to stand out on a dreamy date, wedding, or celebration. We handcraft our dresses day in the night (literally) to keep this promise. 

All dresses were designed by Milla and  Milla Nova  team especially for Leonie Hanne’s red carpets for the 78th Venice Film Festival. Synergy of the whole team making something unique together has been creating absolutely magnificent spirit inside, and it really pops up thought an every detail of Leonie's gown.

Second Leonie’s red carpet look was a very glamorous fashion moment. She sparkled in a metallic strapless golden dress with a thigh-high slit. As Leonie wrote about Milla dress on her Instagram: “One of my favourite looks ever.”

The gown has been catching the light of Leonie's inner brightness and reflecting it to all the red carpet audience, who has been viewing it apart. Instagram audience has chosen the golden one as their favourite, same as we did!



“One of my favourite looks ever”, captioned Leonie this dress on Instagram

Timely delivery could be tricky, so we constantly analyze the process to make it flawless. In Leonie's case, there was no chance to send the dress to Venice so quickly, so we hopped on the plane immediately. That is why we can surely say, that Leonie Hanne and her team was absolutely gorgeous, delicate and such a great people!

We shouldn't say that we cried when gorgeous Leonie tapped on the red carpet in our dress, but we maybe did. Thank you, Leonie and for you, all our lovely Milla Nova and Milla team members, who are always ready for an extreme and unforgettable experience to make all the dreams happen even in a such a short time!

With love,

all the big Milla Nova and Milla team!