How to Dress for Your Body Type?

A dress is like a secret weapon in every woman’s wardrobe. A correctly selected cut and style can emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide the parts you don’t like. It is also one of the most versatile and timeless items in the wardrobe. We have prepared several tips from a stylist that teach you how to dress for your body type and what dress shapes will emphasize your advantages.

How to dress for your body type? Start by determining your body type!

Yves Saint Laurent said that the most important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. The outfit should suit you, and you should fit your dress! Therefore, before buying the best dress shape, determine your figure type. It helps to find the perfect style and dress for body type.

How to determine your figure flows? Just take the mirror and look at your proportions. Focus your attention on three points: waist, hips, and shoulders.

Main female body types:

  • “Pear” is distinguished by a long, thin waist, a small bust, a narrow line of shoulders, a flat belly, and broad and protruding hips that dominate the silhouette;
  • The main “apple” features are medium-sized breasts, a belly more prominent than the chest, a relatively flat butt, and long slender legs;
  • Peculiarities of “hourglass” include the unusual harmony of the width of the shoulders and hips and a narrow waist. Such a configuration creates a perfectly symmetrical silhouette. “Hourglass” is also distinguished by large breasts, a short, thin waist, protruding hips, and slender calves;
  • “Rectangle” type: the exact width of shoulders and hips, lack of a clear waistline. This type of figure is often called “boyish,” so when looking for the perfect shape dress, you should focus on adding feminine curves.
How to dress for a “pear” figure?

The best dress for body type of this kind is one that will emphasize your feminine curves and balance the body’s proportions. It is worth looking for models that will optically expand the line of the shoulders and slim the lush bottom. Designs with a Spanish or boat neckline will look good. Puffy and rolled sleeves are also welcome. How to dress for a “pear” body type? The more details you add to the upper part of the dress, the better your “pear” figure looks. To emphasize the dignity of your curves, you should pick models with A-line skirts and a cutout at the waist.

As for the length of the dress for the “pear” shape, it all depends on whether you want to show off your legs. The optimal size is midi, which slims the bottom of the figure. On the other hand, short dresses are suitable if you want to look like Kim Kardashian and show off your round butt and wide hips. Asymmetric models of dresses can also be used.

How to dress for an “apple” figure?

Emphasize legs and breasts. An ideal body shape wrap for an “apple” figure should also give lightness to a lush top. Do not be afraid of mini-cuts and cutouts to the knee, which will show your slender legs and help you look like a model. Your advantage is also a beautiful bust, so choose wrap dresses with a smell and a V-shaped neckline.

If you choose comfort in the first place, pay attention to oversize styles and trapezoidal models, which will help you to hide the disproportion between the hips and shoulders. If you are looking for a shape dress for an “apple” figure, choose a model with a neckline under the bust in the empire style. It helps to hide your belly and feel natural.

How to choose a dress for an “hourglass” figure?

The truth is that happy owners of the “hourglass” figure look great in most outfits. It is worth focusing only on the fact that the proportions of the figure are not disturbed by decorative elements.

So, how to dress for my body type? Although it will not be difficult for owners of this harmonious silhouette to choose the perfect outfit, they should avoid the following:

  • Dresses with a high neckline;
  • Models with frills around the bust;
  • Shapeless models hide the main advantages of the figure.

Dresses for the “hourglass” figure, which will fit perfectly, are primarily sheath and wrap dresses. Tight-fitting models will also be a hit, especially with a deep neckline. We advise you to pay attention to models with a cutout on the leg. And, if you want to demonstrate an ideal figure openly, you should not refuse mini dresses.

How to dress a “rectangle” figure?

Choose a dress with visible elements on the waist to give curves to your silhouette. These can be models with a fold or a strip in this body part. Also, dresses with cutouts at the waist, which demonstrate a flat belly, are trendy. Trapeze and sheath dress perfectly cope with this role. An excellent choice will also be creations with a flared bottom - you can safely afford tulle and frills, but do not overdo it so as not to get a grotesque effect. We must remember the versatile wrap dress, which fits perfectly on any figure.

Dresses for different body types from the Milla brand

These are just a few tips from stylists. But every woman knows how to dress for my body type. And you can easily find ideal dresses for different life events, minis, maxis, monochrome, and with a print in our catalog. Conveniently, there is delivery worldwide, including the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia). Individual tailoring of the dress is possible.