Hooray! It’s Milla’s birthday

Two years ago on this day, a dream came true. We have launched the long-awaited brand of evening dresses as a subsidiary company of the bridal brand Milla Nova. 

In the second year of the brand's existence, we can confidently say that our path is thorny and pretty challenging. 

Let’s start at the point of launch that coincided with the global COVID-19 pandemic. A difficult time filled with unknowns hardened us and positively influenced our development. Our online fashion house has become one of the leading players in the evening wear industry in less than a year. 

And this year we had to face a full-scale war due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that we have to deal with to this day. It is scary, painful, and tiring, but as a brave and proud Ukrainian brand, we are continuing to do our work and making women around the world feel effortlessly stunning. 

During this time, we learned a lot, managed to implement many plans, reach some heights, and passed the test on our values. Honestly? We kinda imagined those two years to be a bit smoother 😂 

We are so thankful to every one of our clients for being there for us.
You are our inspiration. The impulse that pushes us to move on.
We are completely and irrevocably in love with you.
We want to share this holiday with you because we are where we are thanks to you.

To make a festive boost, of course, we’ve prepared a special deal: 22% OFF EVERYTHING on September 2nd. Yes, queen, our treat!

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Let’s get this party started 🥂