Designer Tips: What to Wear to Your Engagement Party

The engagement party is an unforgettable celebration where the bride and groom can experience what it's like to be the center of attention and try various looks before the wedding. And if everything is simple for the groom — dressed up and having fun, then the bride-to-be has to choose an appropriate engagement party dress to avoid getting lost among the guests. Your wedding dress is not a variant!

Milla designers will tell you how to choose a beautiful dress for engagement party. Just a few simple tips, and you will shine like a party queen!

How to Choose the Best Engagement Party Dress by Body Type

For an engagement, it would be appropriate to choose a romantic look. Tenderness and mysterious femininity will help you stand out from the guests. Your task is to create a genuinely harmonious image. Consider your appearance parameters when choosing a dress, hairstyle, and accessories.

  • Pear or hourglass figure, rounded face — the perfect dress is a feminine A-line classic with a layered puffy skirt and fitted bodice. Widen the shoulders with the help of puffed sleeves, widely spaced straps, multi-layered draperies, and a deep neckline. It is worth choosing pastel colors, avoiding geometric prints.
  • Rectangle figure with a poorly defined waist — for a romantic look, girls with a rectangle shape will suit a beautiful evening dress with a loose silhouette. Stick to natural colors.
  • Owner of an inverted triangle figure, slender hips are your advantage. Mask broad shoulders by choosing dresses with straps close to the neck — the eyes will fall to the collarbones. One-shoulder dresses, trapezoid-shaped models, and outfits with a very low waist are well suited. Forget about square cutouts and puff sleeves.
  • Thin and tall girls with slender legs and arms should forget about flying multi-layered dresses or oversized models. To create a romantic image, they should consider a more defined designer dress for engagement party.
  • Discussing which dresses for an apple figure are best suited, you practically solve how to choose a dress for a plump girl. Choose loose but not lush outfits made of dense, well-draped fabrics. Avoid catchy accents, oversized ornaments, and glitters. The priority is straight-cut models. Thin materials that repeat the relief of the body, flared dresses, ruffles, and wide belts are prohibited.
  • A chic evening dress with a feminine A-line silhouette, fluffy skirt, and an adjacent bodice is perfect for a perfectly proportioned figure. You can experiment with dark shades and contrasting prints.

Engagement Party DressWhite or Colored?

What color should I wear to my engagement party? White is the traditional choice for brides-to-be at engagements. The pure and classic color has been used for many years and lends a unique quality to engagement dresses. Wearing white to your engagement will surely draw attention to you at the event. However, choose a print or color to add a zest to an ensemble.

Bold, vibrant, and eye-catching than regular white or black, bright colors like magenta, cobalt, fuchsia, and tangerine make for a standout dress. Similarly, this year's favorite pastels, blues and soft pinks, can make eye-catching looks. Remember, if you choose an outfit in solid colors, keep everything else simple and neutral, including the silhouette, accessories, and hair.

Outdoor Engagement Dress Ideas

The engagement location plays a vital role in planning what you will wear. Outdoor engagements often occur in gardens, backyards, or even the beach, so you should dress comfortably but with taste and elegance. Refuse formality and choose a casual style and wear suitable shoes.

Since parties in the park or garden often start during the daytime, you can skip the formalities and opt for a flowy maxi outfit instead of a classic mid-length cocktail dress.

Engagement Party DressSo, What to Wear to Your Own Engagement Party?

Deciding which dresses are best for an engagement depends on the location, season, weather, your figure type, and how formal the party will be. Most arrangements follow a cocktail dress code, meaning men usually opt for suits and shirts. Women can wear an ankle-length dress, a midi dress, or a short but well-fitted dress. You are more expansive in colors and patterns than at a wedding.

Where to Buy an Engagement Party Dress that No One Else Has?

Do you want to find the latest dress for engagement party that no one else carries? Milla designers know that the main features of a good cocktail dress are the minimum amount of jewelry, an excellent fit, and expensive and suitable fabrics. Satin, velvet, taffeta, and silk create an elegant and seductive look.

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