Ladies, the wait is over! From now on you can customize not only our wedding gowns but all-time-favorite evening dresses 🎉

You enter your measurements – we sew a dress by your figure that fits perfectly on your curves.

How to customize your dress? That is a one-step process, all you need to do is to enter your measurements when choosing your dream dress on our website.

Once you have added a dress with your measurements to the cart, you can edit measurements but can not change the color. So if you decide to switch the color — you need to remove a dress from a cart, choose the desired color, and then — enter your measurements again.

Want to hear the best part? The service will be free for the whole month till October 31st! So don't snooze!

Due to the trial period, only a few styles will be available for customization. But we promise to add more on short notice.

Please note, that when you customize a dress, it becomes non-refundable.