Choose an evening dress online in perfect size after reading this article

We at Milla have been creating dresses for a few years already. During the time we have dedicated to designing and shipping amazing dresses for your special events, we understood lots of points to ensure your best experience when shopping evening dresses online and be fascinated with a parcel you received from Milla. 

This article is a guide for you for a better digital shopping experience when purchasing an evening dress online in the right size and length which won’t need to be returned. This information is needed especially now when lots of physical stores are closed or booked for fittings for a few days ahead and when Black Friday is ahead of us. 

Trying on a dress is not an option you have when ordering a dress online but online shopping has the benefits for today’s extremely busy lifestyle: shopping on the go and receiving door-to-door parcels. 

With Milla  you can experience buying and wearing amazing couture evening dresses which can’t be found in your hometown store. 

If this is your first time shopping online with Milla for an evening dress, get some understanding of your right measurements with our size guide with the sizing of each body part. If not, you may end up receiving an evening dress that is not your perfect fit. Though we do accept returns, it gets hectic for you as well as for us.


Few ideas on how to get the right size and have your measurements.

Visit your nearest local store, select some evening dresses and try them on. Also if you are not familiar with material types, it is great to have some experience in a local shop before you order. 

This way for your online order, you already know your measurements and even some details of material types, comfort level etc and it is easy to proceed with Milla.

Next time you are in IKEA, take that paper ruler to use at home to measure yourself. This is extremely important, especially when you are shopping online, especially for a dress you will be wearing on a special occasion. Be honest here and do not pull too tight or too loose because the outcome will be drastic.

Measure your body with tape, and write it down. This way, you will be able to figure out which size will fit you, by looking at the size and how many inches or
centimetres it represents. 

Many people find themselves in between sizes, and this can present an issue. You can always ask our customer care for help if you’re having a hard time with sizing, but as a general rule, if you find yourself between sizes, start with the size that covers all of your measurements, and then alter the dress down to fit your specific size.

When measuring yourself, take into consideration what day of your cycle you are in and what day of it you will wear the dress. Closest to your period your body may be bloated and bust can be bigger and from day five-seven your body will be your best thinner size. 

Try getting a size bigger if you aren’t sure. When it comes to fitted dresses especially in plus-size, you should try getting one that is adjustable, so that you can fit into it seamlessly. Milla creates lots of dresses with adjustable corset backs. 

If you are shopping for a plus-size dress then it is great to visualize the end result for you. There are certain styles which will flatter you, and some which won’t suit you that good. Think about what fabrics and types of evening dresses look good on you before ordering online. It will save you a lot of stress later.

To ensure your successful purchase of couture evening gowns, you can read reviews about Milla brand’s user experience before you make the final decision to purchase your evening dress. Or check out our Instagram when we usually repost gorgeous Milla girls in our evening dresses to see how it fits.

Our Milla atelier is located in Lviv, Ukraine. We hand-craft each evening dress for your order so each gown is sewed specially for you. Though we always do our best to send dresses as soon as possible, it would be better if you saved us and yourself some time for shipping as probably we will ship them overseas.

The longer it takes for us to ship the item, the less time you’ll have to make any alterations or exchanges, if that becomes necessary. To save you this stress we have lots of options with corset back in case you need adjustments and you can make them at home. 

We do worldwide delivery with different delivery options. Read the information here

But please remember this: the more time you give us for your order, the more we’ll be able to help you in case of some alterations. If you give us a few days before your event to get you a dress, we’re not going to be able to help you as much as if we were given a month. While we are more than excited to work with each customer, and ship you a dress as quickly as possible, there are limits to what we can do.

The reason that time plays such a factor in online dress orders is that you’re not here to physically try the dress on.  While it’s always highly recommended to use the size chart, it’s important to remember that it’s not always going to be exactly on the dot. Your body type and the way the dress lays on you has just as much to do with which size will be more suited to you.

If you receive a dress that doesn’t fit, don’t panic.  Get in contact with our customer care team. 

Now that you have an idea as to how to shop for evening dresses gowns online, why not take a look at our selection?  Put those newly learned skills to the test and go with a dress by Milla

Shopping on Milla makes it easy to choose the best option. You can easily search for your preferred style on our website such as slip dresses, maxi dresses, mini dresses, black dresses, white dresses etc. 

Even with these tips in mind, the clothes you buy online may just not work for you. And that’s okay — if you know the return policy. Just make sure to send back any unwanted clothes at the given time. You can often find a link to the return policy at the bottom of any page on our website.

Among all, Milla online store will save you a lot of time. Just be relaxed, sit in front of your device and complete your purchase.