Bridesmaid dress options

What would be the best bridesmaid dress? If you are to play this special role, be sure to check out our guide. In this article, we advise which bridesmaid dress would be the best idea. We will also tell you about what mistakes you should avoid looking your best on this special day. Just remember not to look better than a bride. We will tell you what modern bridesmaid dresses should be like to look stylish at the celebration and in photos. We will tell you what dresses will be maximally comfortable, so you will be able to dance all night long without feeling the slightest discomfort.

The best bridesmaid dress – peculiarities of a bridesmaid style

The role of both the bridesmaid and the witness at the wedding is to be a support for the bride and an authority for other guests. Therefore, a dress chosen must comply with the dress code requirements. Not sure what are the most popular bridesmaid dresses this season? Let's see together which cuts, colors, and prints are best for this special occasion.

What do the dress code rules say about bridesmaid dresses?

  1. The most suitable attire for a bridesmaid would be the so-called formal dress, that is, an elegant suit or light-colored dress. The best bridesmaid dress is a dress that matches the style of the celebration.
  2. Avoid black and other dark colors. Also, try to avoid bright neon colors such as rich lime green, neon pink, or red. An exception is if the wedding ceremony is held in these colors.
  3. It is generally accepted that white is meant for the bride. Of course, the choice of color, in this case, is an individual matter, and the final decision should be made in agreement with the young couple. But still, the idea of ​​using a white dress for a bridesmaid should be abandoned.
  4. Pay attention to the length. For example, dresses that are too short will be out of place at a church wedding. But midi dresses are a good choice. This solution is very comfortable, fashionable, and suits many figures. Bridesmaid dresses (midi length cuts) can be paired with both high heels and elegant ballerinas to wear at the end of the wedding.

Maid of honor dress styles: recommendations

The first rule is the basic one: the dress should be elegant and appropriate for her age. A woman should feel at ease in it, so you should abandon the tight dress in bright colors and replace it with a model in muted colors. The length can vary from midi to maxi.

Knowing the basic rules of the dress code, you can quickly choose from a wide catalog of offers. We have prepared the most popular bridesmaid dresses this season:

  1. Bridesmaid dress with floral print. Flowers are the most popular pattern on wedding dresses. No wonder – gentle meadows or floral motifs from retro trends add girly charm and fit the dress code of the celebration.
  2. The best bridesmaid dress is in soft pink. Especially in the spring and summer, shades of pink are very popular. For wedding ceremonies, less intense, delicate shades are most often chosen, i.e., dirty pink, powdery pink, and champagne. Pastels in these shades are light, do not oppress the one who wears them, and add an aura of tenderness, romance, and dreaminess. They are also very versatile when it comes to accessories and look great paired with a contrasting, rich color like turquoise. This shade of pink for a bridesmaid will be perfect if the bridesmaid dress is ecru or champagne. So this is a good decision if the bridesmaids in the same dresses are present at the ceremony. Shades of pink are suitable for almost any color type of woman.
  3. Striped bridesmaid dress. This is a pattern that is also suitable for a wedding and can look elegant if, instead of thin dark blue stripes, you choose wider stripes or waves that optically shape the silhouette.
  4. Bridesmaid dress with lace motif. Lace is a desirable material (and pattern at the same time) not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaid. The dress's skirt or, for example, the sleeves can be decorated with lace. It all depends on the characteristics of your body shape.

We know choosing a bridesmaid dress for a wedding isn't easy, especially with so many options presented on the market. But thanks to our tips, you will not get confused while shopping and will get a beautiful, fashionable, and appropriate dress code outfit for the bridesmaid. The Milla brand catalog contains the widest range of dresses made of high-quality fabrics created by designers following the latest trends in the fashion world.