And the prom queen is... Classic black gown 🖤

Prom night is a very memorable event, that is for sure. It marks the end of an era and precedes a new chapter in life, something unknown, something exciting. And, of course, you want to meet that chapter properly. And what is a better way to slay than wearing a stunning black dress?

As we all know, black is the most timeless color out there, and it never goes out of style. It’s rich, deep, glamorous, elegant, and high-fashionable.

And black dresses are expectedly the most versatile of all other dresses and can be worn for years to come for numerous occasions.

Black color is known and valued due to the pairing opportunities: it goes well with every accessory. Want a completely new appearance – keep the dress, change the accessory!

It’s no secret that black is also universally flattering and works with all skin tones, body types, and color palettes. Basically, it is your guarantee of a dramatic appearance and what is more important – for you to feel flawless and the most confident self. 

We’ve handpicked a few prom designs you might like. They have different styles but a jaw-dropping appearance in common.