A guide to consider when choosing a prom dress

The most significant event of your youth is on the horizon! With so many styles, colors, and options available, it can get a bit overwhelming. As you eagerly await the much-anticipated day, conducting research and scrolling through numerous options for your dress, we're here to guide you with some tips you need to know before buying. 

Start early

The prom season itself is a bustling period for dress shopping, often characterized by last-minute rushes. The closer to the actual graduation season, the fewer sizes and styles become available. If starting your search in advance, you’ll have a better chance of finding a dress that splendidly fits you and aligns with your expectations.

Know your size

Knowing and emphasizing accurate measurements is crucial when choosing a prom dress, whether you're buying in-store or online. While offline buying allows you to try on dresses for an immediate fit, online shopping provides a vast array of choices, necessitating precise measurements to ensure a perfect match. We advise contacting customer support when buying online, especially for unique or rare dresses, as certain styles may have specific requirements, like minimum heights for example. Customer support also has an understanding of how a particular dress will fit a particular body type, which also might be extra helpful.

Know your body type & explore different styles

Every body is beautiful. Every body deserves a chic outfit that accentuates the flattering curves. It is important to understand what type of figure you have and what silhouette will suit you best. Prom dress should empower you with confidence and reflect your style, so all you need to do is decide which part of your gorgeous body to accentuate and choose the right design.  Don't be afraid to try something unique or unconventional if it aligns with your taste.

Second-skin silhouettes

Oversized and baggy clothes hide your figure instead of making it more prominent and visible. It’s better to stick to designs that hug your figure.


Off-the-shoulder dresses drag attention to your horizontal upper body line making your waistline visually look more petite by comparison. And let’s not forget that bare skin is kind of an attention-stealer by its nature. 

Ruffled dreaminess

Ruffles in the right places can make one part of the body more voluminous, visually reducing another. For example, ruffles on a skirt make the hips wider and the waist sharper. 

Co-ord sets

To show off your figure, choose a co-ord set, which will divide the top and bottom with a visual line of your bare skin, focusing on the waist. If you are not a fan of co-ord sets and want something more elegant and glamorous, consider an option with cut-outs.


A mini dress is a foolproof way to accentuate your curves. Pick the body part you want to emphasize and choose among all the variety of mini designs. And don't forget that mini-dress + heels = killer legs.

If you plan to buy a dress online but have never dealt with the chosen silhouette, go to the nearest mall and try some silhouettes on. Thus, you will be able to understand whether it will suit you and make a choice in favor of some other style.

Think through your overall look

While the prom dress undoubtedly plays a significant role in shaping your image, it's advisable to consider your overall appearance before making a choice. While there's nothing wrong with the reverse approach of building your look around the dress you've purchased, it's preferable to make decisions concurrently.

Envision the hairstyle you desire, plan the makeup, identify your preferred colors, and contemplate the choice of shoes. If comfort is a priority and sneakers appeal more than high heels, it's essential to recognize that not every dress complements this choice. Take notice of accessories: are there existing pieces you plan to use, or are you contemplating new additions? If you envision donning your mother's necklace, consider an open neckline, and if your jewelry serves as a vibrant accent, opt for a more neutral dress.

Don’t forget about comfort

Obviously, you want to look stunning for your prom. But you'll have to set fire to the dance floor and tear up the tick-tock feed, so take care of your comfort by choosing a comfortable dress that does not restrict movement. If your dream is a super short skin-tight dress and the highest heels in the store – then take note of the opportunity to change clothes: bring sneakers with you, as well as a more spacious and comfortable dress to tear up the dance floor.

Read carefully

If shopping online, be aware of the brand's policy on refunds, returns, and delivery. Each brand may have distinct guidelines that might just not be suitable for you at the moment. Before making a purchase, thoroughly review the brand's policies to understand the terms and conditions regarding refunds in case the dress doesn't meet your expectations or if there are sizing issues. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the return process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Mind shipping delays

Delivery policies, including shipping times and costs, are important to consider to avoid any unexpected delays or additional charges.
If you shop on short notice — you might want to order something additional to ensure it comes in time. 

Set a budget. Stick to it

Speaking of budget, try setting some boundaries. Dresses come in a wide range of price points, and the variety of styles can be dizzying and throw you off balance. If you have a set balance and choose a dress in advance with our advice, you have time to research dresses from previous collections, look for discounts, or last-stock items. That approach can save you some money.

Alterations alert

Most prom dresses will require some degree of alteration to achieve the perfect fit. Factor in alteration costs and allow enough time for adjustments before the big night.

Now you know how to slay the prom dress shopping. Good luck 💔